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Have any of you heard of Dr. Who?
If watch of the show, plz tell me your favorite.
My favorite is the 4th Dr.

dragongirl101 These pics are of the 4th doctor.

dragongirl101 If you are wondering what in the world is this show about, then here is the answer. Dr. Who is about a someone (not from earth but still looks human [from a planet called Gallifrey]) who travels through space and time to save different planets from enemies that com to take them over. He travels in the "TARDIS" (Time And Relative Dimension In Space), a Time machine that is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. It is supposed to be able to change its appearance but the doctor's doesn't do that anymore. The doctor is not a medical doctor (although he does have some experience with it), but he has a doctorate degree in science and technology (that's why everyone calls him the doctor [because he earned that title]). He never goes anywhere without a companion (assistant). Once he dies, he "regenerates", which doesn't mean he's a new person, he is still the same being, but he takes on a new appearance and personality (if that makes sense...) He can do stuff like speak any language, shoot with incredible accuracy, use telepathic powers to communicate, and even hypnotize almost ANYONE to do ANYTHING, VERY easily.

dragongirl101 I personally like the Classic Dr. Who (Doctors 1-7) more than the newer seasons (8-12, soon to be 8-13 [the 13 doctor is a girl this time... FINALLY]).

KnightStar The 10th doctor!