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Who else likes Jared Padalecki?

lunamoonlight Am I supposed to know who that is?

HarryPotterLover123 Nice drawing!

destiny1268 It's the guy from Supernatural and Gilmore Girls

destiny1268 Thank You

lunamoonlight Yeah, i wouldnt know

Hi 😁

lunamoonlight Hello

cookie122105 hi

HarryPotterLover123 Hewwo

destiny1268 How are you?

What is your favorite tv show on netflix? Mine is either gossip girl, supernatural or the chilling adventures of sabrina.

lunamoonlight Either The Disaterous Life of Saiki K., Mr. Iglesias, or Black Butler.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because the chicken behind it didn’t know how to socially distance properly.

HeyitsBabyKiki 😂

HeyitsBabyKiki good one.

destiny1268 Thank You

Scruffypenny lol

Can you guess the answer?
I have cities, but no houses. I have mountains, but no trees. I have water, but no fish. What am I?

lunalovegoodmolly A burned down town?

ArtistGirl a bob ross painting- nvm it has trees

lunamoonlight @ArtistGirl Yeah, those have trees, happy little trees

JD2005 No idea.

KnightStar ag, HAPPY LITTLE TREES DO YOU NOT REMEMBER???!!!!! lol this is just a joke guys dont cancel me plz

destiny1268 The answer is a map

lunamoonlight But some maps you can see tree houses...

lunamoonlight Trees and houses* though I suppose you could see tree houses too.

So, I think I’m going insane.
-I hallucinated this morning! I thought my clock read 10:34 (it was actually 7:07am) and I thought my door was closed (it was WIDE open).
-Headaches!!! AHHHHH! I have had headaches for 2 nights straight, and all day today. No matter how much water I drank, IT WAS STILL THERE!!!!! I finally took some Motrin, and it helped, but it hurt when I had it.
-I’m SOOOO TIRED!!! No explanation needed.
Ahhhhhh! What do you guys think is HAPPENING!?!?!?!?!?

lunamoonlight Sleep deprivation, but I wouldn't know, I have never gotten symptoms despite barely getting sleep

Queen157 Tell someone

JD2005 Oof...

Ⓗⓐⓟⓟⓨ Ⓔⓐⓢⓣⓔⓡ

ArtistGirl You too!

Ada4 You too!

ammyk You too! How did you do that?

JD2005 Same @ammyk!

lunamoonlight Font website

destiny1268 @annyk I looked up a font generator

ammyk @destiny1268 oh, ok

This is from my favorite movie "The Fault In Our Stars"!
Btw I did draw this


KnightStar if u drew that, it's amazing!

lunalovegoodmolly Wow

Queen157 WOW

JD2005 0o0

destiny1268 Thank You

lunamoonlight Did it involve any tracing at all? I'm sorry if that sounds rude, I am just genuinely curious of how that is so good. How did u do dat.

destiny1268 Yes I did have to trace it

Comment your favorite dad joke!
mine is "Sundays are always a little sad, but the day before is a sadder day".

lunamoonlight "Hey there dying, I'm dad" Little bit of dad joke, little bit of dark humor.

Queen157 Lol

GemHeart "What's a tree without branches? A twig" my dad was rattling these off yesterday

My dad: “You know how scuba divers sit on the edge of the boat and fall out backwards into the water? You know why they do that?”

Me: “No, why?”

Him: “If they went forward they’d fall in the boat!”

I pause, look at him. He’s sitting there with the biggest grin. Such a dad joke

JD2005 Lol.

GemHeart What the-