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It's my Birthday today!!!!!!


lunalovegoodmolly HBD

destiny1268 Thanks

JD2005 NP!

What's your favorite pet? ( Mine is a dog)

JD2005 Cats and dogs! I don't have pets though.

lunalovegoodmolly DOGGIES OR BUNNIES

Lili07 kittens huskys and reindeer

Lili07 kittens huskys and reindeer


destiny1268 i also like cats

JD2005 Same @destiny1268

KnightStar Dogs and rats

ammyk Chickens and dogs

ammyk And rabbits


ArtistGirl pretty! did u draw that?

JD2005 Same AG.

lunamoonlight Bootiful!

destiny1268 Yes I did

Queeny It's very good :D

destiny1268 Thanks

Would you Rather?
Look like Donald Trump or talk like Donald Trump?
Switch bodies with your mom or your dad?
Travel to another dimension or another galaxy?
Read a book with no pictures or a book written in a different language?

JD2005 1. IDK, I don't wanna. 2. None of them. 3. Another galaxy. 4. A book with no pictures.

lunamoonlight Talk (NO CHEETO HAIR), neither I will stay myself thank you, dimension, no pictures, I read those all the time.

Queeny Talk, mom, dimension, no pictures.

lunalovegoodmolly Same as JD

ArtistGirl same as queeny

Kitten I love your answer JD!!

JD2005 Thanks @Kitten.

KnightStar Talk like Trump, my mom, another dimension, and I always read books with absolutely no pictures what is that question lol


KittyKat Hello! how are ya' doing?

Kitten hi

Queeny Hi! Welcome to KN!

JD2005 Hi!

lunamoonlight Sup

Jabber yo

lunalovegoodmolly Hey