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#share this post if you should be doing school right now.

i have seen most of the memes posted on here so here's this

GamerMcNoober i made a version of that

Queeny chOmp

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#gemlas #IShipIt I will never stop shipping this and tagging it.




KnightStar GEMLAS

legolasxx I'm scared

JD2005 @legolasxx You don't need to be scared. You aren't the real Legolas, right? XD

I could be doing work right now but i'm not because i'm doing what i do best...


Scruffypenny lol

Emelyisaway SAME

Mood, honestly

lunamoonlight Yup lol

It’s 5:30 am and I have to wake up at 7

darksun Update: I’m in so much trouble

Queen157 I’m always in trouble 😜

JD2005 😅

Don’t mind me... just reading webtoons at 3 am even though my English is due tomorrow on zoom at 8 am ...

That I haven’t started:,)

Queen157 Bro

Jabber Yaaay. ur reading my favorite webtoon

lunamoonlight You're reading That Awkward Magic too? Isn't it great?

Scruffypenny I practice from a month before

darksun Yes, It is great its my favorite too, actually

lunamoonlight It's one of the cutest BL stories I have read, along with Castle Swimmer.

darksun luna, Facts