318 Points

What do the trophy points mean? I have 234 of them?

JD2005 IDK!

GemHeart They're just for fun! I have 200,000?

GemHeart Maybe more, I don't keep track anymore!

FunHeart1010 Yeh! XD

Tasneem11 u play Roblox? So do I! I’m craycraypurples on there! I LOVE bloxburg!

TylerTheDrummer I play BloxBurg! I need a car though!

FunHeart1010 Me too

TylerTheDrummer Yeah I have robux!

Kiddlol288 How do u get robux without buying it?

Lili07 ikr i need some

EloquentRacer92 @Kiddlol if u have a computer u can make a good place and then u can get robux