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It's morning for me soooo good morning

JD2005 Good morning for you!

lunamoonlight 11:17 AM rn, so good morning


JD2005 Hi!

mycatlovesme99 hi

This is just a cool Gacha vid I like

mycatlovesme99 I love gacha life! I even made my one video

craftqueen55 Do you have a chanel?

craftqueen55 @mycatlovesme99 your new right?

mycatlovesme99 yes

mycatlovesme99 my channel is called Marshmallow Gacha Kitten

lunamoonlight I ain't got a gachatuber channel, no. I have an account on YT but I don't post.

lunamoonlight My YT account is actually how one of the users here figure out my real name.

craftqueen55 oof

JD2005 @lunamoonlight And it's meh lol.

lunamoonlight Lol, yup JD. JD found one of the videos I mentioned and found my comment, went to my channel, and looked at my subscriptions to tell it was me because I was subbed to people I mention a lot. That sounds kinda creepy out loud lol.

I can't post my Gacha for some reason

craftqueen55 ;-;

lunamoonlight Oof

JD2005 Oof.

cactuspot12 what's gacha?

craftqueen55 :O

lunamoonlight Gacha Life/Studio is a platform where you can edit the look of little chibis (similar to anime characters but bigger head and smaller body usually), and you can have them in different poses to make a story, kinda of in a stop motion animation kind of way. One of those stories is usually called a gacha, or GLMM, for Gacha Life Mini Movie, and some music video ones are GLMVs, for Gacha Life Music Videos. People who create gachas and post them on YouTube are called gachatubers.

cactuspot12 *nods head even tho they dont understand*

craftqueen55 lol xd

ammyk Also, the proportions are wack. It's great.

cactuspot12 So it an app?

Hello everyone one I just wanted to say hi!!!

ammyk Hello!

JD2005 Hi!

cactuspot12 heyy

mycatlovesme99 hi!

Who watches Gacha here?

lunamoonlight ME

craftqueen55 I love it!!!

tacoboi me

tacoboi I make my own gacha characters online!