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sry busy with online school its stressing me out rather go to school but i got to be safe


lunamoonlight Try listenig to some music while doing homework. Anything you like, but if you get distracted by lyrics easily try dupstep instead.

FortnitePlayer Online school sucks

FortnitePlayer My grades have dropped ever since I started it

cookie122105 same lol i have c when i only had 2 b

cookie122105 lol tiktok mashups

FortnitePlayer Want to do one?

cookie122105 sure

cookie122105 i deleted my tiktok ac cuz they were cringy

what have i miss

JD2005 I think I should let you know that GemHeart is leaving KS this August. :(

Queen157 SHE’S BACK!

Pumpkin hey cookie.

KnightStar well i mean a lot ig personally ive changed to a passive aggressive loser lol

GemHeart @JD2005 Yup. Besides that, we’ve had some new users and KS updated KT.

cookie122105 why u leave me -_-

updated on me
im 14 turning 15 this year
going nineth grade i was in 7th grade when first came here
i like icecream better now
my life hass been great how about you.........:]
😂 😎

lunamoonlight I am doing a lot better than i was. Im glad youve been well!

Queen157 Omg!

Pumpkin hey.

JD2005 :D

miss ya

lunamoonlight I missed ya too, DONT GO DISAPPAERING LIKE THAT

JD2005 I missed ya so much... 😭

Queen157 Woooow!

Pumpkin same

KnightStar missed u too