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so I'm getting enrolled in k12 because the public school i go too sucks because they don't even teach me they don't even check on me I'm doing online school i will be in k12 next year my second year of high school i hope it works out for me cuz I'm really struggling

Queeny Well, lemme tell you, as someone who's been in k12 and other online schools for the entirety of my life, if you're already struggling k12 ain't gonna be a breeze. Most of the kids enrolled into k12 are either 1. The ones that have been there all of their educational years (me), 2. Gifted children that have surpassed the regular curriculum, and 3. Kids who try online school to see if it's for them, most of them end up dropping out after their first year.

KnightStar I was in K12 for years! :) If you didn't like your before schools way of online schooling, then K12 will be even worse.

cookie122105 i thought it was going to be a good choice guess not they actually convince my parents and guess i was wrong

so I'm going share about my fashion style u prob didn't ask but oh well lol
i wear legging and a oversize tee or just a regular shirt or sometimes i wear crop top i also wear a hoody with a sweat pants yeah i like comfy cloths

CSeriestechhero generic anime girl profile picture outfit

EloquentRacer92 I like comfy clothes too!

JD2005 @Cseriestechhero You're right :O

Raven Okeh

cookie122105 nah i don't feel like change my profile pic I'm too lazy lol

Ash I just like shirts and jeans

Ash I just like shirts and jeans

Queeny I like wearing cloth that covers both my lower and upper body.

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anyone want to be friends ?????

JD2005 I want! Welcome to KN!

JD2005 And I'm JD2005, but you can just call me J or JD!

Queeny Sure!

cookie122105 hi

HorseGirl221 Yeah!

KnightStar I friended you, and welcome!

cookie122105 thanks alot

TylerTheDrummer Welcome to KidzNet!

cookie122105 this was my first post i think

cookie122105 i was 12 in this but my 13 bday was few day before this I'm actually 15 now I'm turn 16 this year lol I'm old

TyousT sure

TomBoyFoxGrl Sure ig

JD2005 Wow... You're 16 already? Well, I'm turning 16 this year too. We're old, lol.

cookie122105 im not 16 I'm turning 16

ammyk ARE YOU 16 YET?!?! Hmmmm???

cookie122105 im 15 turning 16 on 12/21.

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Queeny This is the cutest duck I've seen eat pizza XD

cookie122105 i know

cookie122105 2nd post lol

Pumpkin :O

JD2005 Wait- Don't tell me that it's a REAL CHICKEN EATING PIZZA- 😶

Queeny That is a bebe duck, I believe

lunamoonlight Look at the feet, it's a duck. Lil' bebe duck

JD2005 Oh right, I didn't look at the feet. But still- A DUCK EATING PIZZA- 😶

cookie122105 lol