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JD2005 XD XD

FunHeart1010 Lol!

GemHeart Haha! :)

JD2005 XD


chopperbusta Soz, cut out the "H" Here's the real one.

Queeny Wow, that's some hard Christmasing! (Is that even a word?...)

JD2005 XD

KnightStar I just saw someone with as much decorations as that! Wow, people Christmas hard!

So Bored finding Chrisy Memes

Queeny LOL!


JD2005 XD XD

HorseGirl221 I don't see what's so funny.

GemHeart Is that his nose or an actual cookie?! (LOL tho)

KnightStar Because the dog is ate the cookies and is lying that he didn't eat them, but the evidence is on his face. (OR MAYBE HE'S NOT EVEN A HE)

HorseGirl221 OOOOOH! I see! Lol! Guys, I am so wierd_I was seeing a vulture's head?!!?!?! See, if u look at the pic backwards, sort of, you see a vulture's head, the dog's ear is a beak, there is something on its head_(the dog's nose) and the dog's mouth is the little wrinkles on the back of the vulture's neck_lol! So sorry for not seeing that before! But anyways, that is SO funny!!

it's the 15'TH Today guys!

JD2005 Oh cool! XD

GemHeart Yeah... too bad XD

KnightStar 8 days now!!

soz, made it better I'm addicted to this thing!

FunHeart1010 XD! This is so cool!

JD2005 XD This is amazing!

Rainy day today, pretty miserable what's up anyway?

FunHeart1010 Yeah its raining here too.

JD2005 It wasn't raining and we've a sunny day here!

Queeny It was raining here as well...

KnightStar Here too

HorseGirl221 Rainy!

Guys, I'm your festive reporter!
Today some big floods, looks like Santa's going to have to (Slip) in the presents!

KnightStar Hhaha ya!

JD2005 Haha!

GemHeart Cool!

JD2005 Really amazing!

KnightStar It sure is!

FunHeart1010 YAS