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What are your top three favorite books?

lunamoonlight The Girl Who Drank The Moon, The School For Good and Evil, and Percy Jackson.

Scruffypenny Harry Potter, land of stories and explorer.

lunalovegoodmolly I can tell you my top three but some of them are series. Harry Potter, Anne of Green Gables, Fairy Tale Reform School. I think I most likely forgot one. Well they are all books I like. Maybe not my top three though.

Mine are my family, my books and my toy.
Sorry could not post pics because it took to long to upload.

cakelover Look comment below to understand

What amusement park is your favorited?

lunamoonlight Idk. Haven' been to one lately.

JD2005 Nicco!

FunHeart1010 NONE! I hate roller-coasters lol

Scruffypenny Walibi

Holahi Beach boardwalk in Santa Cruz California

cakelover Efteling

do you have any cool quotes

Scruffypenny Yup, u got one after cleaning up in class and you have many in your Jacquline Wilson books.

Scruffypenny Stricken in lamelet of terrible beauty J.K. Rowling