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i like your name GirlPower!!!

do you play an instrument? if you do what do you play???

lunamoonlight Guitar.

Holahi Yes violin 🎻

Pumpkin Cello 🎻

stikbotj piano, ukulele, harmonica, flute, Etc.

cakelover violin

FortnitePlayer Trumpet 🎺

Holahi And guitar 🎸

TylerTheDrummer The drums! 🥁

Emelyisaway piano, ukulele, harmonica, and clarinet

lunalovegoodmolly Piano

what is your favorite movie?

lunamoonlight Dil

Holahi The new Aladdin and Bend it like Beckham

Pumpkin idk

FortnitePlayer Idk

lunamoonlight Idk*

lunalovegoodmolly Harry Potter 5

who likes to draw here???

JD2005 Me.

JD2005 Who doesn't?

FortnitePlayer Me

lunamoonlight Me

FunHeart1010 Me!

Holahi Me

stikbotj me

Pumpkin meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Emelyisaway Me!

lunalovegoodmolly Me!

whens your birthday???

cakelover July 24

JD2005 May 24.

JD2005 Belated H.B.D. to you!

TylerTheDrummer Mine is April 30th.

FortnitePlayer March 13

lunamoonlight April 19th

FunHeart1010 October 10th.

Holahi April 22

Pumpkin October 6th

lunalovegoodmolly June 16

does anyone know about shark week, or am i the only one???

JD2005 IDK. What is it?

Pumpkin I know OF it


what would be your dream cake???

cakelover mine would be a unicorn cake like in my profile picture!!!

lunamoonlight Cute

lunamoonlight Either cookie dough ice cream cake, or a cake made with pixie sticks instead of sugar.

Holahi Cookie dough cake? IDK what Lunamoonlight moonlight said just not ice cream

lunamoonlight I can dream what I want. But sorta a cookie dough blizzard cake. I am creative.

Pumpkin idk

Holahi Sorry Lunamoonlight that’s not what I meant I meant that’s what I would want too. The idk was I because I didn’t know until I read your comment. That’s why I said, “what Lunamoonlight said but I don’t like ice cream cake” I’m so sorry that sounded so mean you are a great friend to have on kidznet 😞😕

hey like my profile picture, i changed it (again) thanks to Scruffypenny i think it is my final picture!!!

cakelover i like unicorns, so i had a unicorn cake

lunamoonlight Woah, lotsa posts.

lunamoonlight Cute

Pumpkin luv it