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I feel like this has been the shortest summer ever 😒
I guess it's cause we were at home already for virtual learning it just doesn't feel like we're getting a break.
Who else is feeling this

GemHeart Yeah

lunamoonlight Meh, the last quarter of my school year was optional, so... and i hate heat so it kinda goes slower for me.

JD2005 :(

FutureChefGurl I am

Anyone have recommendations for webtoon, wattpad, or manga/anime??
I'm open to anything really since I just started reading manga.

Neomarshmellow All I have are webtoon recommendations. You should read lumine, strawberry sea foam, Lily ( that is my webtoon), school bus grave yard, boyfriend of the dead, fate whispers, toaster dude, cat vs dog, don’t hate, your smile is a trap, blue chair,cursed princess club, I’m the grim reaper, axed, lone, the little trash maid, oddity, endless night encore, the boxer, unordanary, parallel city, acception, anti stalker, if, daughter of the moon, alienated, clinic of horrors, play dead, tower of god, kacco, aum records, the adventures of cat loaf, lalin’s curse, and live with yourself. Wow that was really long XD

cactuspot12 Omigosh that was really long

cactuspot12 I will look at some of next time I am on webtoon so thx 😊

What are good mangas and animes? i would lke to try to read and watch some this summer.

lunamoonlight Assassination Classroom, Tokyo Ghoul, Angels of Death, No Game No Life, BNHA, Sword Art Online, and go to my bio,

cactuspot12 thanks

Queeny Tokyo Ghoul is really good, the anime was decent. I suggest reading the manga first before watching the anime. I also recommend The Promised Neverland and Deadman Wonderland.