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I'm scared, I just got a text on my phone that said "The parcel delivery will be delivered *A date*" and then a link. I knew better than to click the link but I am still scared. what do I do about it? even though i didn't click the link i am still terrified and i didn't order anything because i am not able to. could someone have accidentally put my number? What should i do?.

JD2005 Don't worry. I think it's probably some kind of spam. They're probably sending it to random people, so that the person who gets the message will get confused/curious and click on the link to see more details. You should better ignore it, or tell your parent/guardian about it if necessary.

lunamoonlight Look up the number on google, find a reverse phone lookup. I'd recommend blocking the number too.

Queeny I'm pretty sure it's just an accident, don't worry :o sometimes I get weird texts like that too, it's usually either spam or a wrong number.

EloquentRacer92 😱😱😱IDK😱😱😱

Ash Block them.

HarryPotterLover123 Scam prob

JD2005 Oh, and don't forget to block the number before you delete the message.

bubblegum Ok thank you guys, i blocked and deleted it, it scared the heck out of me though

JD2005 @bubblegum No problem.

JHAMMER2 If your in Europe, you say something and they immediatly put you on the "do not call" list. So I guess in America you say "CDC", if its American?

Are there any ASOUE fans out there? I can't find anyone i know who has read or watched it 😔

JD2005 ASO- Sorry, what? 😅

ammyk My sister's read it, and I've watched a little of the show.

lunamoonlight ASoUE would be more accurate in abbreviation. I've seen the movie and the show (mostly). Don't have access to the books. Also, i had no idea what that abbreviation was until I looked it up. I am a fan of A Series of Unfortunate Events. Ironically, it's the only drama that I particularly like even though I dislike and call most other dramas a series of unfortunate events for lack of better phrasing.

lunamoonlight How did I go from formal to no-time-to-write-"I" back to formal again?

Queeny I am!! I watched the movie and show, and I've read a bit of the books

ammyk I had to look it up too, Luna.

ammyk @lunamoonlight, all in 5 sentences.

Hello, I'm currently worried. I am currently failing one out of four classes. Like F failing. Can i still move up a grade if I have three c's and an f? or am I going to have to do the whole year over again and not be able to go up a grade with all of my friends?

Ash It’s okay, just ask your teachers.

lunamoonlight A school cannot hold you back unless your parents request it or you are in your senior year and do not have enough credits to graduate. At least here. As long as you can read, do basic math, and you know the earth is round, you're fine.

lunamoonlight Otherwise, if you can get held back, an F wouldn't do it. You'd have to be failing just about every class, and even then, some schools will still send you along.

Queeny It depends on your state. In my school, they can 100% hold you back if you are preforming exponetionally below average. You have to fail one of your core courses to get held back, anything above a D (60%) is passable. But again, that's how it works in my school + state.

TyousT My report card cam out and I had 4 Fs 3 C’s and the rest are bs and A’s

TyousT I left my report card in my desk lol

Join the group if you want to lol, it is just random things that I personally think are fun, but y'all could post stuff in there too : )

JD2005 Would like to join! :)

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TyousT no-

I'm not gonna be on here anymore from this time until im "Responsible", and "Not lying about homework". So basically I got grounded because I have a lot of missing assignments and a very messy room... I can probably get myself ungrounded this week if I get all my assignments for the week done and study for the test, and clean my room. Bye for a little bit : (

bubblegum Ooh, great, i don't have class this week so i can do all of my assignments faster

Ash 😬

JD2005 Oof. Hope you come back soon!