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OMG I JUST GOT AN ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

ammyk Why are we using asterisks??? ***************** Happy Christmas! *****************

JD2005 M O O M O O L U N A

AstrialFlames Hi early luna

lunamoonlight AH YALL CAME HERE?


ammyk Yes, we came. Of course we came! Do you want an asterisk? Here ya go! *

Yusss Awwww...cute 😨

ammyk *

AstrialFlames MOO ASTERISK *

AstrialFlames Oh and I think boy sweared at you

Ash Little Luna, so adorable!

lunamoonlight The 1s... I never bothered to delete them...

JD2005 @Ash Yep!

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hi people. i am new to kidznet. PLEASE EXPLAIN!!!

GemHeart You can friend, message, create groups, etc!

KnightStar Welcome to Kidznet! You can friend request people, privately talk to that person, make groups, join groups, ect.

JD2005 Welcome to KN!

JHAMMER2 Hi, I play guitar with my bro. I ain't saying who because I think it is personal information.

lunamoonlight @Ash *scratches* HISSSSSS

JD2005 I can explain, little child. Come here and sit down beside me.

EloquentRacer92 Welcome to KidzNet. You can post anything family friendly. You are not allowed to share personal information. If you see anyone sharing personal info, REPORT THEM IMMEDIATELY

Ash @luna *laughs because she is so adorable*

KnightStar @Elo 3 yrs ago...

EloquentRacer92 Hqllo i cuts nqs hqnswnjgjtg

EloquentRacer92 Translation: Hello I have new handwriting

lunamoonlight @Ash I will unleash cannibalistic demons upon your household.

Ash @luna So would the demons eat other demons? Because cannibals eat their own species. So technically the demons would fight to eat each other and then there would be one left. I think I’d be able to fight off one.

lunamoonlight @Ash Grrrr... you'd be right though. Fine, human-eating instead of cannibalistic.

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ur my only friend

GemHeart ;(

lunamoonlight LIKE EVER!

Hobbypony I'll be ur friend

GemHeart Wah... you’ll get more I promise!

KnightStar im ur friend

lunamoonlight Yay! More moo moos!

JD2005 I'm your friend too!

Ash Awww, this is so cute, I’ll be your moo moo lol

Ash :D

JD2005 🤭

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GemHeart :)

lunamoonlight You like Gem?

GemHeart I like it! :D “You like Gem” as in “You like it, Gem?”?

KnightStar hi

lunamoonlight Hi Knightsy!

Ash Awww!

JD2005 Cute!

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Hey! I am new here and I want to make friends! 🤗

AlbiSeli Hello!!!

LouTheLuver I can be ur friend!!

JD2005 Thanks to all :D

FunHeart1010 Welcome! And ill be your friend anytime!

FunHeart1010 lol why am i here

JD2005 @FunHeart1010 😂

KnightStar lol mine only got one comment lolololllololololoo also ye why am i here

JD2005 @KnightStar Oof lol.

JHAMMER2 wow, you reached 168 pages in you timeline, Congragalations

boyyyy77 'Cringe'

Sugarrushfa Omg! Wow 🤩 you have grown so much @JD2005

Yusss Hi!

Ash JD’s first post *cri

JD2005 *Cringe*

JHAMMER2 I thought JD was here longer then Gemheart.

lunamoonlight Nope, Gem's been here like 5-6 years now. I wanna say me, Knight, Queeny, Kitten/Pumpkin, and Jay all joined about the same time. I joined on Halloween of 2018 lol.

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Probably, it's the best joke I've ever heard! LOL 😂

TheUltimateRealDude1 Tis sad the day people begin to like their own posts.

LouTheLuver LOL

JD2005 Sorry TheUltimateRealDude1.

TheUltimateRealDude1 I was just kidding

GemHeart XD XD XD XD

GemHeart But why is there a... pizza? XD

JD2005 That's a part of the joke, I think. XD XD XD

boyyyy77 HAHA!!!

Dash201 lol

Ash You mean riddle.

JD2005 *Cringe*

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Hey, here's my new drawing. Do you like it? Please let me know! #SaveFuel

FunHeart1010 Woah! That's awesome!

JD2005 Thanks FH.

LouTheLuver THAT IS AMAZING!!!! I luv the colors you put into the painting, the meaning, and the shading, UR SO GOOD! Plz share more and teach me ur ways!!

JD2005 Thank u, Lou.

GemHeart I love it J! Sorry I couldn't comment straight away!

GemHeart I love the color and message! You did a great job!

GemHeart And I see that you're aware of how light effects shadow, you did a great job with presenting it here!

JD2005 Thx Gem!

Sugarrushfa @JD2005 Omg that is incredible, your blending is AMAZING and it sends a great message

KnightStar Lol, I remember when you posted this. It's amazing!

lunamoonlight I think I found your reference picture on Google (I'm pretty much reversing this stuff for fun now lol). It's really close, I'm impressed. I like it, looks awesome dude

Dash201 #Savefuel

Pumpkin that post is pure kidznet nostalgia

lunamoonlight Holy crap, I just saw the three years ago

JHAMMER2 What message

JD2005 Thanks guys! ❤

JD2005 @lunamoonlight Wow, lol. @Pumpkin :D @JHAMMER2 #SaveFuel!

JHAMMER2 What do yall mean?