billyB0b my favorite scene from season 1

when i saw this i wondered what i was doing with my life

PurpleMochi Poodle eating poop? I’m not even going to question...

CoralSophie08 noodles do be tasting pretty good, ngl.

DukeSilver Especially that fifth one down from the top...

lunamoonlight Then delete the bookmark...

Queeny ah, iReady, a name I had pushed back to the far corners of my mind. I can feel the unpleasant flashbacks surge to the top of my memory.

billyB0b its true poodles do eat their own poop im having trouble with it

CoralSophie08 My puppy (dachshund) also eats her poop, so...

JD2005 I-

DukeSilver Not just poodles; you should see my ridiculous dog-wolf-beast-thing.

billyB0b finnaly found out how to delete bookmarks

im new what is this kidznet thing

lunamoonlight "A moderated social network for kids" sums it up pretty well.

PurpleMochi Social media for kids. Welcome!

CoralSophie08 Welcome!

EloquentRacer92 It's social media but for kids.

HarryPotterLover123 Welcome!

JD2005 100% safe, moderated social network for kids. Welcome!