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Hi everyone

lunamoonlight Hey

Kinso Hi!

UmmKairi Hi

Kitten hi!

Twentyonepilotsan Hola

lunamoonlight Kon'nichiwa!

JD2005 WB!

lunalovegoodmolly HEY! I MISSED YOU

Queeny Hello!

KnightStar welcome back!

Merry Christmas everyone!!🎄🎄

bella07 Mine is Elsa and Anna

lunamoonlight Elsa, Anna, and Penelope

GemHeart Bell or Mulan.

lunalovegoodmolly Rapunzel!

Jabber Elsa Anna Merida and Penelope

lunamoonlight And Merida XD, same Jabber

Queeny Anna, Merida, or Cinderella

Whose ur fave movie star?

Mine is zendaya, Dwane Johnson ,Nathaniel Potvin etc

FunHeart1010 I don't really have one.

JD2005 Same FH.

lunamoonlight Idk

lunalovegoodmolly Zac Efron

Queeny DaNny dEvITo

Jabber Don't ask me

Emelyisaway for some reason i really love johnny depp :>

What's your favourite flavour of ice cream🍦🍧🍨

KnightStar Artist, you need to EAT IT


Kitten I love them all

ArtistGirl I like rocket ice cream tho

Twentyonepilotsan Ya I hate the flavor of the stick


Queeny For those if you who don't know what superman ice-cream is, it's kinda like a rainbow of flavor and colors (but to me it tastes a lot like bubblegum ice cream):


Lili07 chocolate

Lili07 and vallnela

Boys in my class are so...idk what word to use to describe their level of stupidity and foolishness. They cheat a lot whether during test or examination and the funny thing is that teachers don't even notice, they are experts in passing answers to all the boys that are willing to cooperate(basically all the boys). But I don't like it bcos it makes me feel stupid for reading. This I'm the smartest in the class it makes all my effort in studying look wasted and most importantly it discourages the girls.
The girls are just 7 and the boys are 12 and so when we report other boys oppose us even when they know we aren't lying. It just makes me feel bad. And so I'm planning of filing a report with the help of like minds but it is going to be so difficult bcos they are my friends and no matter the punishment they are given they always have a way of avoiding it and not changing.

lunamoonlight Report them, they deserve it.

GemHeart Good for you!!!!

Jabber we have 14 boys in our class and 9 girls

Autumn Luckily I go to a girls school. Report those stupid boys.

Lili07 theres mostly boys in my class

My English teacher has a weird accent so when she wants to say something like you are rude, she says you are root and she calls read -rit, door-dough, law-lo and stuff like that. If you try to correct her she'll make a scene and eventually report you to the principal. To worsen it all she also teaches us french and it sounds a mixture of Latin and another language. Most people dread her and the two subjects she teaches. Most of the time I end up explaining what she was hired to teach and I start wondering when she'll pay me my salary

FortnitePlayer Oof

lunalovegoodmolly Lol

lunamoonlight Most of my teachers don't have accents you can't tell what they are saying. Only my art teacher who has an Australian accent.

KnightStar Oh...oh no...she's my mom basically lol

FunHeart1010 Sounds like my mom.

KnightStar FH oh my same, my mom has such bad English and she tries correcting me all the time. she doesn't even know the most basic English words are a word and I have to prove it to her. oh my. what a hassle lol

Jabber because I do not live in an english speaking country my english teacher also has an accent.