It’s Whit-Monday, and the Invisible Man by H.G. Wells is a really good book.
Some cursing and probably murder later on. I’d rate it 12+, some younger kids could read it, I’m just not sure if they’d understand it.

lunamoonlight I've heard of it but I haven't read it. Haven't gone out of my way to read it nor have I found it anywhere (again, very little searching). I also prefer physical books over online ones so that's out.

JD2005 I have heard of it!

Yusss I would ;-; I'm into murder and mystery stuff. For mothers day my mom got a game called "Hunt A Killer: Death at the Dive Bar"

ammyk @lunamoonlight same.

Queeny @Yusss I've seen some YTbers sponsored by Hunt a Killer, I think it's neat that they donate to organizations that work on real cold cases .

ammyk @Yusss I want to play Hunt-A-Killer with my sister someday. It sounds really cool, and she's into mystery too.

lunamoonlight @Yusss Have you ever read A Good Girl's Guide to Murder? It's a pretty good book I read. I got it at Wal-Mart lol. It's a teenage murder mystery book.

ammyk @Queeny, I didn’t know that. That’s really cool.

Littlemixfan201secondacount Hi I was sad that England and Scotland won both 0-0 but at least they still have matches to play