I went to an anime & Manga library program the other day, and I learned 3 things:
1. Anything worth doing is hard
2. Effort often surpasses skill
3. I need to read and watch A LOT more anime & manga!

lunalovegoodmolly lol. Sounds about right..

Kitten nice

ArtistGirl cool!

ArtistGirl *you don’t watch manga

ammyk @Artistgirl I wasn't sure how else to phrase it so I just said that.

KnightStar Actually Artist, you do watch Manga, it may just not be moving but you still look at it with your eyes resulting in "watching manga".

Scruffypenny Wow very great

GemHeart Yeah, those are about correct! I was terrible at art at first, but LO AND BEHOLD I got better!

KnightStar Same Gem, you can see from my earlier posts XD

ArtistGirl ok ok some pretty weird logic but ok

Um....just a funny(ish) story...

So a while ago at the beginning of the school year, (I'm homeschooled) My mom bought a big pack of notebook paper for my whole family to use.
Then, a couple weeks after we had started school, I took the whole thing out of the drawer so I could use a few sheets...
...and we haven't seen the ENTIRE STACK OF PAPER since. Oops.
I tell my friends "I'm not bad at keeping track of stuff, I'm just good at losing things."
Boom. Silver-lining.

Have a great day!

ammyk spontaneity is kinda my thing


KnightStar me too, I keep forgetting my stuff. Like, just a few days ago I forget my folder and I had to drive all they way back to my house to get it -_- Worst part is this happens every time I bring it home.

JD2005 XD

lunalovegoodmolly LOL

lunalovegoodmolly Same here

ArtistGirl lol that’s me, like I drew a picture of Lavender yesterday and lost it. I’m redoing it now lol

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Hi guys! Jesus loves you!

ammyk This is my 1st post

KnightStar Hola old Ammy K!

Kitten hoy

Kitten hoy

JD2005 Hey!


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I know this is normal, but it keeps on happening every few notifications I click on.
Is this some sort of glitch or something?

lunalovegoodmolly idk

Queen157 Never saw it

KnightStar Sometimes happens to me

lunamoonlight Idk, I haven't checked my notifications in like 5 months at least.

KidzSearch The user most likely deleted those posts. If there is a specific link, please post it here and we can look into it.

Kitten It happens alot😞

JD2005 I clicked on the link, same thing happened.

ArtistGirl me too!

Kitten same

#quizzes #Helpthewolves
Does anybody have suggestions for quizzes I could make?
I’m thinking of making a quiz called something like “Which wolf is your spirit animal?” For #Helpthewolves.

lunalovegoodmolly That would be cool! But first of all it is #HelpTheWolves

lunamoonlight The offocial hashtag is #HelpTheWolves. My weirdness has also said SAVE DA WUFFIES.

Kitten LLM she did not know :)

Kitten ammyk that would be an awesome idea!

Kitten Did you know that you were the first person to friend me on kidzsearch? :)

JD2005 That'd be great, but it's #HelpTheWolves.

ammyk Ok, sorry, I was thinking of something else when I typed it.

Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if Kidzsearch had something like Tik Tok except for kids and with clean songs?
I think that would be SUPER cool cuz my older brother and my friends are always talking about Tik Tok and I want to get something like it, but I would HATE having bad words in songs all the time. It would make me feel uncomfortable.
So... yeah. Just a suggestion!

lunalovegoodmolly Yeah!

FunHeart1010 Yeah! And tiktok is probs a meme by now XDD

lunamoonlight Yeah, plus with Tik Tok, you know everything is a joke, so it could be just something funny to go on.

Kitten same yeah! It could be a part of kidznet!

JD2005 Agreed!!!

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I wish kidzsearch mods were on all the time.

KnightStar same

KnightStar same

Kitten yaaaasss

JD2005 SAME!!!!

GemHeart They have lives too!

Kitten lol I know!