Queen157 I’m a smouse

Queen157 *mouse

ArtistGirl same lol

JD2005 🧀🧀🧀

Queeny 😋 🧀

ammyk @Queen157 I like Smouse better.

Wow. Baby queen Elizabeth is ADORABLE.

Queen157 Awww

ArtistGirl omg

JD2005 Adorable!

KittyKat I love her hair!

Queeny That's the most regal looking bebe I've ever seen

HaPpY bIrThDaY tHoMaS jEfFeRsOn

🎈 🎈 🎈 🎈

ammyk My sister and I had a parade up and down our driveway singing "Happy Birthday." I sang in a boston accent. It was great.

Queen157 hApPy BiRtHdAy

KnightStar how do you even sing in a Boston accent LOL

JD2005 HBD

ammyk @knighstar very annoyingly. I think everybody in our neighborhood hated it. Good thing we have a long driveway.

So is anybody's b-day sooner than Luna's? (April 19th)

ArtistGirl my bro’s was yesterday, does that count

darksun her birthday is a day before bakugo's

JD2005 Mine is May 24!

ArtistGirl Mine is May 26th @Scrruffypenny @JD2005

ArtistGirl *Scruffypenny

ArtistGirl @darksun wow u actually know when Bakugo’s bday is

Scruffypenny oh wow! a day before mine!

ammyk @darksun so is Hitler’s.

ammyk @ArtistGirl yeah, I guess. My friends birthday was then too!

KnightStar Mine's Jun 4th, which I find I have a huge tendency to forget the date of my birthday, but it is a day before Draco Malfoy was born so I am enthusiastic I was at least born a day before Draco's birthday.

Happy Resurrection Day!
😍 😁 😁 😁 😁 😁 ✝ 😍

ArtistGirl amen!

Edz07 Amen

JD2005 Same to you!

Is there anything you were scared of for no reason when you were younger?

Once we visited some of our friends in NJ, and I slept in some spare room or something. I remember there was a lava lamp sitting on the nightstand across the room. I also remember I couldn’t fall asleep because I kept imagining what would happen if the lava lamp broke and then we would all die from the molten lava. For some reason I didn’t know what was inside a lava lamp and thought for some reason that lava could multiply. XD.

So, what about u guys?

KnightStar Lots of things. Like those big water things. Forgot what they were called but eh. My dad told me that it holds the water from the flood from Noah's Ark. So I was scared it would tumble or fall and destroy humanity. I know, I was an idiot, but I have six

lunamoonlight Everything. When I went to sleep I would keep going downstairs to my parents because I was scared of something like the house setting on fire, robbers, floods (there isn't even a body of water nearby) ect. Then I started listening to music at night and it calmed my nerves. Now I just stay up on my tablet until I must sleep and don't worry about it. Oh and by "when i was younger" I means about 3-4 year ago.

JD2005 Too many to mention.

Queen157 I’m a scaredy-cat, lol

French words to know right now:

1. Fermé = closed

UmmKairi 2. Je T’aime (i love you) French is such a pretty language

ammyk @UmmKairi I know, right?

lunamoonlight Oui and Bonjour.