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UM... SO TRUE! LOL #TheAmazingInternet 😂

FunHeart1010 Lol same

KnightStar MMEEHH!

Bewitched67 agreed hahah

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This Google doodle is so cute! Happy mothers day!

GemHeart Aww, thx

Kitten :)

Queeny Aw, happy late mothers day!

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My 5th sketchbook cover...

Queeny This reminds me.... I need a new sketchbook... awesom job on it btw!

Queeny *awesome

FunHeart1010 Thank you!

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I will be posting pictures of my cats if you wondered what they look like

Willow7890 Ok

Willow7890 I’ve been thinking (because of your username) this just reminded me of some people at my school that they said that on their to-do list were “play Fortnite,play Fortnite,and play Fortnite”

GemHeart KK

Queeny Mkay!

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C is for Caring, a good friend to others
O is for Open-hearted, filled with generosity
Os for Optimistic, ever upbeat
K is for Kind, you have a good heart
I is for Imaginative, a creative mind
E is for Enthusiastic, ever encouraging

Please come back cookie 💕

lunamoonlight thanks for sharing

ammyk No problem!

ammyk 😊

Hello! Anyone who wants to join my fiction book club, click here:

CSeriestechhero Request sent!

ammyk Thanks!

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its my first time on this website

lunamoonlight Well welcome!

GemHeart Welcome!!!

TylerTheDrummer Hi! Welcome to KidzNet!

ammyk Hi!

Bewitched67 Yeah Welcome

FortnitePlayer Welcome!

Queeny Welcome!

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My second attempt at #pixelart , what do you think? I made a few mistakes but I think it turned out okay!

Emelyisaway OOH I LOVE IT!!

LouTheLuver This is so cool!!

KnightStar Thanks guys!

FunHeart1010 Lovee it!

CatGirlTiti LOVE IT!

KnightStar Thanks FH!

GemHeart So cool ;3

ammyk I love it! Did you use and app or something?

lunalovegoodmolly She is beautiful

KnightStar Thanks! I used a app called Pixelart!

KnightStar Thanks for sharing!

Bewitched67 AMAZING


lunamoonlight For me, my best pixil art would probably end up being a box lol

ammyk No problem, Knightstar!

I won’t be on most of the day and probably not tomorrow, either. 😢

KnightStar It's okay!!

ammyk Well, not tomorrow at least...

KnightStar I wont be any tomorrow because of testing and tech week