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What's your deepest darkest secret?

lunamoonlight Probably the only info I haven't told anybody and don't plan to yet on KN/KT

Bewitched67 its a secret for a reson so my secret is NOT teling

Willow7890 It's called a secret for a reason

Willow7890 Stop asking for personal information this is like the second time

lunamoonlight Willow, FortnitePlayer normally does Question of The Day, and probably didn't intend for it to be asking for personal info. And for "what year were you born" most of us know eachother's ages (10-15 range mostly) so knowing what year we were born in doesn't matter.

Queeny I agree with luna, he probably doesn't intend for it to be personal.

Hey! Today finally ended ILEARN and I have had enough drama for the day!

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ammyk Wow. I can't believe I got that JUST NOW!!!!

KnightStar Gandalf look like Dumbledore since their the same actor, so imagine Gandalf replacing Dumbledore after he sadly passed, and going like, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS YOUR POTIONS EXAMS!" XD or something like that.

Bewitched67 HAHA

GemHeart Actually, my mum said they aren't the same actor?

alejagav I agree with KnightStar on how it does look like Dumbledore 😅

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In a game there is a girl named April May, when i saw that i said "What, do you have a sister named June July?"

ammyk Ha ha!

KnightStar Well, if so it would have been June May.

FunHeart1010 XDD

GemHeart Heh, yeah