I made this out of LEGO Boost, I named it Aismo and I spent 4 Hours on it.
He is 1.2 Kilos and I really hope you like it!

JD2005 Cool!

LesbianWolfFurry Awesome!

GemHeart Cool!

Friend me 😭 😭 😰 🤧 😢

Kitten Kk!

JD2005 Alright!

lunalovegoodmolly Hi

Dis is also me

JD2005 Dis is Lionel Messi...

bella07 Yeah

Yo world!

Emelyisaway Hi!

KnightStar YEET

lunalovegoodmolly Hello!

ArtistGirl heylo

Kitten Welcome!

JD2005 Yo!


hghux555 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

JD2005 What why?

ArtistGirl why why why why why

Why do people still play fort nite? It’s stupid

FunHeart1010 Lol i agree.

lunamoonlight People play it cause it is popular, and it is popular cause people play it, it will probably stop in at most a month or two

Holahi Yup agreed

FortnitePlayer People have different opinions

hghux555 FortnitePLayer that is true

cakelover My OPINION is that it is stupid.

ArtistGirl yaaa it is