Homemade banunu pudding ^^

Does anyone have those where you feel like your mom hates you? Cause I’m having one of those days myself ;-;

JD2005 Oof.

Commando Try dad.

Places Fortnite is illegal in: China China China China China China 🇨🇳

You may ask yourself,

Is this a JOKE

Why indeed,


EloquentRacer92 Places where Minecraft is illegal: NO WHERE

EloquentRacer92 Places where ROBLOX is illegal: 🇯🇴🇦🇪 🇰🇵

EloquentRacer92 Places where I am illegal: Landopia

Pumpkin Fortnite cringe

GuitaristKid Places where I am illegal: CA

EloquentRacer92 Places where I am illegal: Cuba

DukeSilver @GuitaristKid, same. Try the rest of Montana, too.

If there was one thing I could change it would be making myself not even exist. Pls some ppl let me vent :/

Pumpkin :/

hilolo ir you need to vent got to the vent section on kt

Hi friends! Because of the summer and me being of school. I will not be as active as normal. I will try my best to be on. Happy Summer and Father’s Day! 👍🦋☀️

Me: *Eating a snack*
Every animal in my house: 👁️👄👁️

ammyk How many animals are in your house?

GuitaristKid I have a dog so I can relate

ammyk Same, GuitaristKid. If you give him one piece of pop corn he’ll just stare at you for a while until someone else offers him food.

KnightStar IKR. Specially true because I have guinea pigs and every time I eat, they wheek. I'm like, "I JUST GAVE U FOOD!!!"

Yusss @Ammy 5 LOL

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raffle time B)

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the winner will be randomly selected. they'll get a drawing from me of anything they want (as long as it is within kidzsearch's and my own moral code). i'll pm the winner in 4 days.

i'll post the winner's prize in my art group once i'm done with their drawing