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I'm leaving. Byyyyyyeeeeee

YumekoJabami Like deleting my account... Or getting it deleted.

Momobami Byeeee!

Pumpkin bye

JD2005 Wait- Why?

Autumn Byeee- wait what

Momobami Hello, YumekoJabami deleted her account because she felt Kidznet was not emotionally set up. She told me thAt she felt nobody Really had sympathy and it was basically a meme website. I myself disagree. But I have been incontact with YumekoJabami and she said to tell you this. 😞


Try to get 80,334 clicks!

Who here luvs bts?

DukeSilver Sorry, but NOT me, pardon.

JD2005 Not me!

DukeSilver Thank you, JD. Your Canadian pop is still better. Sorry, Yum. Just personal preferences, that's all.

YumekoJabami Idiot

YumekoJabami OMG! I'm so sorry! My ANNOYING Sister, Ithaca

YumekoJabami Wrote that. Your not an idiot. I apologise for wat she said! From Yuja, YumekoJabami


hilolo こんにちは


Commando I don't know. I am not much of a fan of anime. But I haven't watched much either :)

Yusss You just blew my mind into shreds.."...............

P.s Japanese is a hard language... But it's worth learning!

Commando konichiwa

KnightStar I only learned how to translate Japanese into English because I needed subs for my celeb crush *cries in i wasted my time on him*

DukeSilver @Commando hasn't everyone in third grade ran around yelling that at everyone?

EloquentRacer92 Not me I don’t go like this HEYYOUGETOVERHERE

Reply if ur online rn

Yusss Yas

Yusss Yas

Yusss Yas

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KnightStar Ahhhhh..... Brings me back to a fanfiction I wrote way back..

Yusss Slytherine