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forgxtten yess i love lofi

forgxtten lol i edited one comment without deleting the other

The first week of august is when we star school so me and @XxBlack_CloudxX will be post useful school hacks do not rely on us fr be we are kids but any ways ill post lofi stream idk what she will post @Dbruh might too


JD2005 XxJD_2005xX

Commando XxCommandoxX

forgxtten Xxf_x_x_x_x_x_x_x_nxX

EloquentRacer92 XxEloquentRacer92xX

EloquentRacer92 I like the Xx and xX, but I’ll just do xXMoonlightXx or XxMoonlightxX

XxBlack_CloudxX lol what about XxCatch_TheseHandsxX