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I LUVE KIDS NET this is my first time using it it’s awesome

lunamoonlight Nice, glad you like KN!

KidzSearch Welcome to KidzNet! You can talk about anything you want that is safe for kids. However, personal things that can identify you, like pictures of yourself in your profile, or full names of people you know are not allowed.

FunHeart1010 Welcome!

JD2005 Welcome!

lunamoonlight Yeah, you can say first names or nicknames. No pictures with faces, full names, addresses ect. You can say your age and general place of where you live (ex: Iowa, USA, North America). No links to websites that can identify you like Discord. No voice either. Some people on KN have special permission to post stuff with their face and voice for stuff like YouTube videos.

lunalovegoodmolly Welcome!

forgxtten Hey! Welcome to KN!

WolfQueen20109 Thx you all are so nice

Pumpkin :D

GemHeart No problem Wolf!