The Chicken are cool bug

fluffykitten12 lol

fluffykitten12 what phone do you have

FortnitePlayer Strange

FunHeart1010 Wth

GemHeart LOLZ.

Kitten lol

I made a group called Birdsong because I absolutely love nature! I liked my group cover so much that I changed it to my avatar cover

I was just looking at cute anime girls to be my avatar (I love anime now) and after like forever I finally chose this schoolgirl picture

lunamoonlight Heh, It takes me forever to find good avatars, I normally do something related to Princess Luna or nighttime, and I change my avatar a lot!

GemHeart It's great that you like anime ;3

FunHeart1010 Oh cool! What's you fav anime? Mine is Toradora!

GemHeart Everyone knows my fave anime XD I don't even have to say it... XD

Yay, Cookie was just active here so I guess she's back

Willow7890 She didn't post anything though, I wonder if she's okay

lunamoonlight She did post something, it was just only up for a few hours before she deleted it, her dad isn't allowing her on KS anymore.

TylerTheDrummer She posted(yesterday but she deleted it) a post about her dad telling her she can't use KidzNet anymore, so she left. :(

GemHeart Idk..

My tablet has a bug where when I try to type “Hi” it get autocorrected to “Chicken are cool”

FunHeart1010 XD

Willow7890 Seriously, it’s true


FunHeart1010 I know it's true, just thought it was funny...maybe search it up online. Like how to fix bugs in whatever type of tablet you have.

GemHeart I have a thing on my tablet that will correct words to other words (text slang to the actual sentence, like BRB). Maybe someone pranked you

Here I am, trying to draw anime (but evidently failing at it)

Bewitched67 IT STILL looks good

Rockst3r better than I could do

GemHeart It looks pretty good for a first try!

lunamoonlight Very good, everytime I draw pigtails it looks like crap, so this is very good!

FunHeart1010 Awesome!

What time do your guys usually wake up on weekdays?

qwerty456 6:45 Exactly

GemHeart 8 or 9.

lunamoonlight IDK. sometimes around when the sun is up, my parents wake me up on weekends.

KnightStar 7:00

Queeny 7:00

FunHeart1010 8:50 to 9.