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Please post homework questions if you are a member of the Homework club group. Otherwise, I'll probably close it down because of a lack of activity., even though it has close to 50 members. I wish I had time to be on more these days...

lunamoonlight Oof. Miss ya tho WhizKid. You might not come on often, but it's always informative when you do :)

JD2005 @lunamoonlight Agreed!

JD2005 Please don't close it down. It used to be one of the most popular groups on here, and it's even being displayed on the login/register page. It has its own legacy in the history of KidzSearch.


KnightStar @JD2005 agreed. Wb WhizKid, for this short period

Ash You’re back!

WhizKid KidzNet seems more active now, which is great.

KnightStar @WhizKid Yeah, looking back, it kind of is.


WhizKid Greta Thunberg?

JD2005 😱


WhizKid Who believes Greta Thunberg is a time traveler here to warn us about climate change? The pictures above are of a girl taken in 1898, over 121 years ago!


WelshTerriersss WHOA!

Monkeymad60 Mind equals BLOWN.

Twentyonepilotsan wow

EloquentRacer92 TIME TRAVELER