A friend sent me this drawing that was done using only a pencil.

FunHeart1010 AMAZZINNGG!

TheUltimateRealDude1 Wow... U sure?

lunamoonlight only using a pencil? That's talent right there.

Queeny WOW!


lunamoonlight I mostly only use a pencil, comparing my art to this, my art looks like it was made by a toddler.

What do you hear? "Brainstorm" or "Green Needle"? I can hear either one depending on what I'm thinking about.

cookie122105 hi whiz kid

lunamoonlight Same, I can hear both, but the clearity it amazing in either

FunHeart1010 Green needle.

lunamoonlight I got it to sound like "Greenstorm" Somehow

lunamoonlight Try NOT thinking about either word, try it a couple times, and tell what you hear

WhizKid I hear Gray Needle when not thinking about anything.

CSeriestechhero Both! whoa this is cool!

CSeriestechhero I'm friending you, WhizKid

poppyweasel32 yeah, that is cool

ammyk Green needle.

🎅🎅🎅 Merry Christmas Everyone! 🎅🎅🎅

Queeny Merry Christmas!

cookie122105 yeah

TylerTheDrummer Merry Christmas!

FunHeart1010 Merry Christmas!


KnightStar You too, WhizKid!

GemHeart Ditto to you!

Can't wait for the new Lion King to come out

JD2005 Cool!

LouTheLuver Ikr! So excited!!

CatGirlTiti Me too!

GemHeart I heard it's gonna be awesome!

cookie122105 i did not know

You can watch the LEGO movie for free online, but only today.

FunHeart1010 Yay!

JD2005 Yess!

CatGirlTiti :(

JD2005 Same Titi!

JD2005 😩 😣 😨

KnightStar Me too!

cookie122105 wait i live in U.S

KnightStar That's cool!!

Unicorn0621 ha ha

Just want to let everyone know that our house is okay. The fires came close, but missed us. Lots of other people in California are not that lucky. This has been the worst fire in the states entire history.

FunHeart1010 Oh, that's good!

100musicmaniac Wishing them the best of luck

KnightStar (

KnightStar (;

JD2005 Thank god! I'm glad u r safe!

KnightStar Ya! I agree! Were glad your safe!

GemHeart Glad you're safe!!! Best of luck. Praying for you!

TylerTheDrummer I'm glad your safe!

Queeny I'm happy your safe!

Sorry I have not been on much. There are lots of fires in Los Angeles near where I live and our family might need to evacuate.

TylerTheDrummer Oh no! I hope it gets better!

GemHeart What?! I hope you’re safe!!! Praying for you and everything, hope it gets better.

WhizKid Thanks. So far we are on a watch list for possible evacuation. I'll keep you updated.

KnightStar I hope your safe!!

FunHeart1010 Stay safe Whiz...!

Queeny I hope you stay safe!

JD2005 Stay safe! Praying for u!

cookie122105 i live in okahoma