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Of all the great history events, these are the greatest events in the history of the world:
10. Mona Lisa Painting.
9. Discovery of the New World.
8. Destruction of the "Sun goes around Earth" theory.
7. Pearl Harbor Bombing.
6. 9/11.
5. Sinking of the Titanic.
4. World War 1.
3. World War 2.
2. Founding of the United States.
1. American sea battle against the Japanese forces in the Pacific.

FunHeart1010 Don't forget the the Lewis and Clark expedition!

Wesley2004 ………………….

Wesley2004 .........................crap.

lunamoonlight well, a tablet has to be in there for me to agree

GemHeart And Wes put that at number 1 to tick me off. Thx, bro.

Everyone, I want to say, am I that popular around here? My rep. in the Pirate: Caribbean Hunt has been decreasing by the day. Two players have been spreading RUMORS about me!!! Namely Pauk and H.M.S. Archilles.

So, am I popular here?

GemHeart IDK? I am, according to some people. Don't worry, you'll get there.


Queeny I would say so

FunHeart1010 Yeah! Your popular to me!

KnightStar WHAT ABOUT ME??

lunamoonlight you are popular, you to KnightStar, calm down frewnd

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