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Some of my FAVORITE songs are: Black Hole Sun by SoundGarden and I am Machine by Three Days Grace. Both are alternative rock.

Wesley2004 What is your favorite song{s}?

GemHeart Black Hole Sun has the creepiest music vid.

KnightStar Will try those out! Mine is Fire on Fire, Pray, If you want love!

lunamoonlight Hmm, I like Nerves, Too Loud and You Were Wrong (Icon For Hire songs there) and I like Cutters Lullaby, which is unknown who made it.

Queeny I like King of the Clouds by Panic! At the Disco, Panic Room by Aura, and Saints by Echos!

should I stay like this American flag, or should I have an anime character as my pic too?

KnightStar Hmm, maybe the second option, but I like the flag too!

cookie122105 second option but i like the flsg too

HorseGirl221 Maybe anime character? That could be cool!

lunamoonlight is it possible to make an anie flag?

lunamoonlight anime*

KnightStar A anime person with a flag lol? I like that idea Luna!

Queeny I like the flag :)

Wesley2004 I don't know....

iT seems like that everyone has a anime charater on here!

KnightStar Not me! I have a semi realistic character!

KnightStar Or cartoon!

cookie122105 ikr

lunamoonlight I am

Queeny Not me!

JD2005 Not me either!

izziegirl not me

I found this meme about Sesame Street.

Wesley2004 XD, XD, XD.

JD2005 XD

KnightStar LOL


GemHeart He's too much of a fluffy big hearted bird to even survive longer than that! XD

Queeny LOL! Poor Big Bird!