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Heck, everybody's doing it...MAH TURN!

forgxtten 17 JK actually 10

GemHeart I WOULD HIT YAAAA WIT A BUS!!! XD No, actually: 10, 14!

Queeny 8, 13

forgxtten cheese is yummy.

Pumpkin yeeeeeeees

Twentyonepilotsan Hey Tylerthedrummer know twenty one pilots:-)

Twentyonepilotsan Probably 25 jk 19&20

Twentyonepilotsan Oppose

Twentyonepilotsan Not 20

Twentyonepilotsan 25

lunamoonlight 13

lunamoonlight 13

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Who can read this?

Fae That is very interesting!

LouTheLuver OoO I can read it!!!!!!!!

PrincessLuna Me!

JD2005 I can!

lunamoonlight I read that faster than my normal reading.

lunalovegoodmolly Same, luna.

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#share this post if you should be doing school right now.

JD2005 Nope, different time zone lol.

lunamoonlight Nope because I am a lucky person who has zero schoolwork.


lunalovegoodmolly Hi!!!

Pumpkin Hey

JD2005 Hey, welcome to KN!

forgxtten heyo

WelshTerriersss I am a KT user, so I am not completely new. My dad just let me get an account for KN. 😁

Ada4 Welcome to KN!