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Can some one comment the link to google.com

thepanweebgirl thank you

KnightStar @lunamoonlight THATS NOT GOOGLE

KnightStar @lunamoonlight fine it be google but it trip google

lunamoonlight ?

Discography ranking #1: pink Floyd:

15. Ummagumma (1969)
14. Atom heart mother (1970)
13. M.O.R. soundtrack (1969)
12. Endless river (2014)
11. Division bell (1994)
10. Final cut (1987)
9. Saurcerfull of secrets (1968)
8. Obscured by clouds (1972)
7. Meddle (1971)
6. Animals (1977)
5. Piper at the gates of dawn (1967)
4. Wish you were here (1975)
3. The wall (1978)
2. Momentary lapse of reason (1987)
1. Dark side of the moon (1973)

Weezerfan360 Note: kidzsearch put emojis at the end of 2 of the album years

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What are your thoughts on this masterpiece. Comment down below

lunamoonlight I dont listen to Metalica often, i know a few songs.

Emelyisaway Love metallica!!!

Weezerfan360 It's a great album

Shrek08 yess!!

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CSeriestechhero YOOOO


Weezerfan360 YOOOOOOOOOO

I recently got this on CD. Nevermind by nirvana. Also I'm not sure if this post will get taken down

GemHeart Coool, i like some of their music :’)

Emelyisaway love that album

lunamoonlight The only song i know by Nirvana is Heart-Shaped Box, which is pretty good.

Weezerfan360 I am probably getting bleach next which is their debut album