Team: Laying on ground and giving up.
Me: Guys, we can't give up! We must keep going! We must rise! Cause if we don't, we have to go to summer school.

Lavendershrews Same!

lunalovegoodmolly Lol.

GemHeart Lolz yep

The phrase "You never know" is true. For example, I never knew that I'd be typing up this post with an edible lego brick in my mouth.

Pumpkin Welcome

lunalovegoodmolly Welcome to kn

GemHeart XD Welcome!

CSeriestechhero Hello!

forgxtten lol welcome

lunamoonlight Interesting, does it taste good? XD welcome!

forgxtten yeah, does it?

Queeny Yeah, we need to know! Is it good??

GemHeart They're so hard to chew tho!!!

forgxtten suck on it. its better

Check out this funny meme I found 😂

Pumpkin Welcome to KN

Lavendershrews Lol

CSeriestechhero My reaction when i saw this meme: Wait... I know you. (Skyrim reference)

lunalovegoodmolly Yup

FunHeart1010 Same XDD

GemHeart Yuuup. HAHA CSERIES XD Everytime I hear that in the game, I be like... is it because of the potion I stole or the sword I stole? Cuz I’m losing track

Queeny Same lol