JD2005 Cool!

i am trading one of these things in adopt me. My user is patrioticunicorn

Uniboy i will be playing around 6 in gold coast time

Trading a ride business monkey in adopt me y user is patrioticunicorn
don't forget to send me a friend request too

Autumn lol I have only four pets- cat, dog, beaver and fox

CrispyPlop I have a flying turtle named Fred.

CrispyPlop But that's it

CrispyPlop But that's it

EloquentRacer92 I got a rabbit from someone else.

spiltmilk i remember watching fgteev when i was like 5-7

can anyone give me friend requests

cactuspot12 i could....but i thought we werent allowed to share usernames on here

i love thiss song!!!!!!!!!!! eek

I still haven't thought about the answer yet

KnightStar 8

Twentyonepilotsan I have 7 so far

Twentyonepilotsan nvm 8

Autumn I found 6 🧐 hmmmmmm

CrispyPlop Does anyone else see a walrus?

barbiebff no

Pumpkin no

Pumpkin 6

EloquentRacer92 6

EloquentRacer92 7

Uniboy I think the answer is 5 because it didn't say that the elephants were going towards the river.

lunamoonlight 5, elephants aren't going anywhere

barbiebff 11

Autumn 3? Uhhhh

ammyk 1? I've heard something similar to this before.

ELET I might look into it 🤔 I like coding