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well its been a while...

CSeriestechhero Hello!

HeyitsBabyKiki Hi!!!

JD2005 Yes, WB! And I love your new PFP :D

Math test review

School is so boring

lunamoonlight Yup

KnightStar yep, like always

Emelyisaway truee

Queen157 Yes that is why it was invented

JD2005 Agreed, Queen.

This kid never fails to blow my mind

UmmKairi I swear i was so sad when I finished the entire show so im re watching it

Queen157 Waaaw

Queeny *laughs in manga reader* just wait for season two, it'll be epic with everything that's about to go down (and Ray is indeed best boy-)

darksun Queeny i never knew there was a season two i have been waiting so long

ArtistGirl lol

Monkeymad60 So true 🤣

Sewinghedgies101 Lol

Queen157 Yup that is me

ArtistGirl cool!

Queen157 This is nicw

Queen157 *nice

KnightStar pretty!

lunamoonlight Awesome

JD2005 Nice!