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i just finished my black butler manga collection.... i would post a picture of it but i can't on this computer- actually ill just stack them all up and post a picture from my phone tommorw i dont feel like getting up and stalking them right now... plus i'm supposed to be doing a book report for English annnnd draw both characters from the short story... maybe i'll post the drawing too when i'm done with it-

lunamoonlight Yey, BB manga..

Pumpkin Woah I forgot about you

JD2005 Kk!

Ash Ok!

UmmKairi oof- pumpkin-


NinjaTal1 lol

NinjaTal1 lol

Bunnybandit69 Hello person

fixed my bio hehe

JD2005 Kk!

Ash Cool!

well its been a while...

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HeyitsBabyKiki Hi!!!

JD2005 Yes, WB! And I love your new PFP :D

Bunnybandit69 Wait you use picrew