im in testing in school rn see ya at at noon

Sugarrushfa Hey how was it?

HarryPotterLover123 kk

EloquentRacer92 It is noon!

lunamoonlight Nice, I've been waking up at 6 am because I have testing Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri.

JD2005 Kk!

Ash Ooookkkaaaayyy

Have y’all ever saw me draw?
Comment below if you haven’t

Sugarrushfa No I haven’t, I’d love to

JD2005 Nope, I haven't.

EloquentRacer92 Hadn’t

lunamoonlight I think I have

ammyk I don’t think so.

Ash Nuu

if my little brother was on here

Gemheart ~*big sis~* purple mochi hit me ( on purpose tell herto say sorry (

PurpleMochi :0 I would never hit someone.... unless they hit me first-

GemHeart I d I d n t s e e I t h a p p e n s o n o t m y p r o b l e m h e h h eh

Queeny @GemHeart most accurate portrayal of a big sister fr

lunamoonlight Portrayal of a little sister- I t d i d n t h a p p e n t o m e s o i t s n o t m y p r o b l e m

Ash Nice!

JD2005 ?

Ash I joined a little bit earlier.

*~ART CONTEST *~ art contest nobody has done one of these on here (I think-)
so What you are gonna be drawing is whatever you want other art contest is gonna be a drawing of me but idk when im gonna do it and i did this first cause i kinda feel bad that idont wanna pressure you or force you ( art has to come out in 2 days i searched it up and google and it said art takes 2 or more days)

TyousT share this please-

lunamoonlight Art depends on the artist. Some artist get things done in 15 minutes, some a few hours, some a few days, some a few months, and the Mona Lisa took like, 14-15 years.

Queeny Lol i take at least 4 days to finish something, and that's when I'm on a time crunch. I can take a few months to just finish personal stuff T~T

JD2005 @lunamoonlight Agreed.


JD2005 *Laughs in 35,820*