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I guess I forgot to post this old video.

JD2005 So cool!

WelshTerriersss COOOOOOL!


My newest video! For the new users, I got permission from KidzNet to show my face...

JD2005 So cool!

Snowing here in Dayton, Ohio!


JD2005 That's so "cool"!

lunalovegoodmolly That's nothing compared to here.

Tintin1956 we just got ice

Queeny Y'all are getting snow?? It's like spring where I am.

lunamoonlight Same LLM

lunamoonlight @Queeny Yes. LOTS OF IT. Would you like some? We have plenty, considering you can't exit our house without trekking through 2.5-3 feet of ice-covered snow, and when you do, you can't drive a car because it is under a centimeter-thick layer of ice. Be lucky with your weather.

GemHeart I would like some snow. It's like 60s here and I miss snow

Leaving the Galveston port on a cruise to the Caribbean!

GemHeart Cool!!!!

Pumpkin awesome!

KittyKat Wow!!!

Jabber wut

sunandmoon WOOOAAA!!!

ammyk Have fun!