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If anybody is wondering about cookie, I took a pic of her post:

Queeny We miss you cookie! :(

lunamoonlight I have the screenshot on my computer, it's staying on my computer.

Willow7890 We miss you cookie!

GemHeart Yup...

Kitten Oh. That Explains it.

Romi330 Bye cookie ;( i will miss you.

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FunHeart1010 T-T

TheUltimateRealDude1 O_O bye

lunamoonlight cookie.. i'll miss you cookie...

lunamoonlight At least we know what's going on now, and she's not dead or anything

FortnitePlayer oof

TylerTheDrummer It's gone. She deleted the shared post.

GemHeart What happened?!? I cant see the pic (removed by KS). Is she depressed or something?

TylerTheDrummer She posted(yesterday but she deleted it) a post about her dad telling her she can't use KidzNet anymore, so she left. :(

My newest video! I filmed the footage around April, 3rd 2019. I'll also be posting this on my "Youtube Channels" group!

JD2005 Awesome!

Yesterday I got Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator (Freeeeee!) (fnaf 6) on Steam. So far I got jumpscared like 30 times because if you dont get a stage right and get jumpscared, the game will get harder and harder! I'm going to have to look up tips on the internet to get pass the game. So far, I'm really liking this game!

GemHeart I've wanted to play it but cant go to Steam!

JD2005 Superb!

FunHeart1010 Yeah, it's pretty scary, I was behind him the whole time! It was scary, and hilarious!

WOW. Might be scary but funny too:

KnightStar Lol, might be a little scary but like you said, still funny

lunamoonlight Hee Hee Irl

Hey guys! Im back!

Queeny Welcome back!

lunamoonlight Yay.

FortnitePlayer WB!

KnightStar Yay! WB!

GemHeart WB Ty!

TylerTheDrummer Thx guys!

TylerTheDrummer Because of the bad weather we landed and got stuck where we landed

TylerTheDrummer That added about 2 and a half days to our trip

Bye! Today I'm going to a fly in called "Sun n' Fun" in Florida! I'll be posting a video on my YouTube channel about this. I might be gone for about 4-5 days. I brought my phone, but only for recording. See you guys later!

cookie122105 bye

Queeny Bye! Have fun!

GemHeart Yay ya coming to FL XD Have fun! It's not too hot here

KnightStar It was raining but not anymore where I am (FL)

TylerTheDrummer I'm back!

Here are some cool tricks on google! Get on google, and type in "do a barrel roll"(without the quotes) and check out the cool trick! Next trick: Go on google and type in "zerg rush"! Next trick----Go to google, and type in "Atari Breakout" and then go to images, then the trick will be there!!

KnightStar Awesome tricks!

GemHeart I posted the barrel roll thing on KidzTalk a while back, as well as the "do a 360">

GemHeart Also, "askew" does something XD

TylerTheDrummer Cool!

JD2005 I know two of them!

Today, one of my videos (Xcaret Mexico Trip) reached over 1k views!!! YASSS!!

lunamoonlight Cool!

JD2005 Congrats!

FunHeart1010 Yay!

Queeny YAY!!

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14th of March marks 'Pi' Day, a mathematical symbol, because the value of Pi is approximately 3.14!
Happy Pi Day y'all! 😃 #PiDay2019 😃

TylerTheDrummer LOL I was doing some PI today!

JD2005 LOL Tyler!

JD2005 Thanks for sharing & HAPPY PI DAY once again!