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Today, one of my videos (Xcaret Mexico Trip) reached over 1k views!!! YASSS!!

lunamoonlight Cool!

JD2005 Congrats!

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14th of March marks 'Pi' Day, a mathematical symbol, because the value of Pi is approximately 3.14!
Happy Pi Day y'all! 😃 #PiDay2019 😃

TylerTheDrummer LOL I was doing some PI today!

JD2005 LOL Tyler!

JD2005 Thanks for sharing & HAPPY PI DAY once again!

I've started taking online aviation classes!

CSeriestechhero *crickets chirp at post*

cookie122105 cool

JD2005 Awesome!

Queeny Cool!

My newest video! I'm now at 141 subscribers! YASS!!

CatGirlTiti Cool!

Queeny Congrats, I'm so happy for you! And great video!

CSeriestechhero No way!

TylerTheDrummer Yes way....LOL

Does anybody watch Fuller House/Full House? I actually watch both!

cookie122105 nope

KnightStar I used the watch that! It's a good show!

lunamoonlight Nope.

Queeny Used to watch it! I like it!

Wow! That's new! It usually takes at least an hour to see other peoples posts!

KnightStar I can agree!

KnightStar And that's really cool, maybe KS decided to do whatever they do faster?

cookie122105 yeah

GemHeart I think KS checks the feed and approves a few times a day.

KnightStar Yep!

Look what I found!

cookie122105 what

KnightStar lol, I always find those!

Queeny 60 minutes vs an hour

JD2005 60 minutes & 1 hour... they aren't the same, am I right? (LOL this is KN logic!)

CatGirlTiti lol


COOKIE122107 o i get it