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Heck, everybody's doing it...MAH TURN!

CookieBestie That’s true lol I chose 10

TylerTheDrummer xd

Kitten 13

KnightStar 8

lunamoonlight 8

ArtistGirl 17 JK actually 10

GemHeart I WOULD HIT YAAAA WIT A BUS!!! XD No, actually: 10, 14!

Queeny 8, 13

ArtistGirl cheese is yummy.

Kitten yeeeeeeees

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We will never forget September 11th

FortnitePlayer RIP for all the innocent people who died

FortnitePlayer And for the people who had no choice but to jump out of the windows of the world trade center

KnightStar )))):

lunalovegoodmolly J

lunalovegoodmolly Nice to know I am not alone!

ArtistGirl I’m Catholic.

ArtistGirl We had a prayer service at our school


hghux555 [im pretty sure i started it here tho]

GemHeart Yeah, guys @ doesn't work. But eh

KnightStar hghux555, it makes it feel official *inserts cool emoji*

hghux555 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

ArtistGirl lol KnightStar

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Hey everybody, I was gone all day so I couldn't get on until now!

GemHeart Same, LOL

TwilightStarDust Hay!!

LouTheLuver welcome!

TylerTheDrummer Ahhh. My 1st post!

FortnitePlayer Yep

KnightStar First posts!!! My first post was...well lets not talk about that...lol

Kitten yeet

My newest video! I tried to do better editing on this one.

lunalovegoodmolly OK

JD2005 Cool!

Kitten Wow! That is interesting!

KidzSearch Your editing has improved a lot. Note: Tyler works with us to produce video content and has special permission to show himself.

Queeny Nice video!!

zanystar67 yo tyler its pugkid remember me i think i joined your starwars group

Kitten hi pugkid

TylerTheDrummer Srry for the long response...yes I remember you PugKid!

Here is Chewie casually listening to some music! :D

lunalovegoodmolly Ahh.... Cute

lunamoonlight Aww cute!

hghux555 coote

hghux555 my version of cute

Queen157 Cuttttteeee

KidzSearch, why does this always happen? It's like whenever I go to KN, all of the posts are gone. Is it because the list of posts are going to the next page, and nobody posted on the new one yet??

KidzSearch We have seen this before. Pull the screen down to load more content. We are in the process of releasing an updated version of KN to hopefully solve these issues.

lunamoonlight That happens every once in a while, just scroll down, if that does not work, p9st something and then do so.

TylerTheDrummer I can't scroll though, the only way to see posts is by posting at least 1 post, then it'll load the the other posts.

lunamoonlight Also, someone is almost always posting something,

Kitten same!

KidzSearch, I'm not sure if this is my PC or KN, but sometimes whenever I hit the enter button to comment, it goes to the next line down. I know that enter is sometimes used to go to the next line, but I don't think it is here, because there is no button to comment.

lunalovegoodmolly That happens to me sometimes as well and I am on a phone.

toocool16 that is happening to me too sometimes

lunamoonlight That happens to me sometimes too, when the enter button is used as a return button instead of posting he comment

KidzSearch We are working on the problem and appreciate the info.

Holahi That happens to me to

Kitten Ut always happens to me

Kitten *it

JD2005 Same @everyone.

JD2005 @LLM I'm on phone too.

KidzSearch Did you know that pressing SHIFT-ENTER intentionally results in a newline in comments? Since pressing the shift-key once (at least on Android) will be 'remembered' to capitalize/shift the next key, maybe simply have touched SHIFT by mistake before touching ENTER?

A couple of days ago, I took off and landed in a REAL airplane! But of course my dad was in the airplane too, making sure I didn't miss any steps. But I done all of it!!! This isn't the plane, but kind of what it looks like-

lunalovegoodmolly YOU FLOW A AIRPLANE!!!!!!!

TylerTheDrummer YES!

Here is my newest video! Oh wait, this isn't new, it's like a month old, I KEEP FORGETTING TO POST MY VIDEOS!!! lol. Here it is!
(BTW I got special permission from KidzSearch to show my face)

FairyPrincess I didn't know that you're a YouTuber! Can't watch it now, so I'll watch it later. I can already tell that this video is gonna be awesome.

Kitten Nice