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Sup. Checking in. Me and my sister found a stray cat and took her in. We figured out she was a female and she had kittens. They do be really cute tho

ammyk Awww


JD2005 Aww... So cute! ❤

Ash yOu CaMe BaCk

JHAMMER2 Kitttttie

KnightStar Aw. Wb Tyler! I don't like kitties but for u i will

ammyk @Knightstar I like cats from afar, where they can’t bite me for no reason. But I’m sure this is a nice kittie.

JHAMMER2 Was the stray on the photo or was it a kitten?

ammyk Oh, I just realized there’s two cats in the picture.

Hey since I'm back and I check in once a week, what has happened since the last time I was here?

Autumn many of us became teen in 2020 :)

TylerTheDrummer Yep! Became a teen in 2020 too!

lunamoonlight April 2020, I turned a teen too

Queeny in june of 2020 I became a teen as well :)

KnightStar June 2020 >;)

ashjohn64 I've been a teen lol

ammyk Ok, everyone can let out the breath they were holding. I now have exactly 590 notifs instead of 591. Startin to get worried there.

JHAMMER2 I will be a teen in two years from now

EloquentRacer92 Why do I have to wait 4 years…

ammyk Elo, because you’re 9? Sorry, I don’t really know the answer...


TylerTheDrummer So much has happened since I was last here

Queeny Welcome back Tyler!! how are you and FH doing?

TylerTheDrummer We're good

Autumn wow, welcome back!!!

JD2005 Hey, WB! How are you doing?

TylerTheDrummer Im good

I guess I forgot to post this old video.

JD2005 So cool!

WelshTerriersss COOOOOOL!