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Sorry for the long gap, but here is my newest video!

(BTW, I got special permission from KidzSearch to show my face)

JD2005 It's okay! IK! It's cool!

Queeny Ohhh! This is awesome!

cookie122105 cool

TylerTheDrummer Thanks!

JD2005 NP!

lunamoonlight kewl

FunHeart1010 I WAS IN HERE :D

Whoever likes find the difference questions, check out my Find The Difference group!

KnightStar Okay, I will!

Queeny Okay! I'll join!

KidzSearch, I need you to fix something on your mobile app. When I want to check how many points I have on KidzNet, it won't show . Can you add it please? Thanks!

Driving through heavy snow in our moterhome on our trip!

Queeny Awesome! I love snow!

JD2005 Wow...

cookie122105 cool

GemHeart I don't get snow here, bummer

Check out my newest YouTube video!

JD2005 Cool!

KnightStar Aesome@

KnightStar *awesome!

Queeny Awesome!

TylerTheDrummer Thanks!

CatGirlTiti Cool!

Yent, is that a Shih Tzu on your profile pic? I have a Shih Tzu puppy, his name is Chewbacca or Chewy for short! Btw I got special permmision from KidzNet for the face reveal...

KnightStar Aww he's so cute!!

JD2005 Wow! You are really handsome! And I have seen Chewy before, he's so cute!

cookie122105 he cute

Welcome to KidzNet new users! I'm TylerTheDrummer, but you can call me Tyler!

KnightStar Welcome!

JD2005 Same Star!

Check out my newest videos! For the new KidzNet users, I got special permission from KidzSearch. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJkRo0Veq0DDirrSruqJRrg If you can't use YouTube, I'll be posting the vids on my group "YouTube Channels"

Queeny Cool! Loved the video!

KnightStar Cool!

JD2005 Cool!

TylerTheDrummer Thanks!

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJkRo0Veq0DDirrSruqJRrg Check out my newest vid!

KnightStar Cool!

CatGirlTiti Yay new video!

FunHeart1010 :D