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Hay guys...... I would like to say goodbye to you all... I bet you all are probably confused on what's going on but all I got to say is God comes first not my "friends" who I can't even see. I love you guys but this will be my last post....good bye....

AlbiSeli She is still.

Pumpkin Agreed. I barley knew her :(

lunalovegoodmolly I read all these comments. People said very nice things. They really said powerful things. It makes me want to cry.

Pumpkin Same!

blabbitydoodah same llm

HarryPotterLover123 Same... She sounded like a very nice person.

EloquentRacer92 We need old KN bc the new one is well bad (don’t remove features Ks)

Pumpkin new kidznet isn't "bad". You weren't even on old kidznet so how would you know if it's better?

EloquentRacer92 I looked at old posts and it looked like people were caring

EloquentRacer92 The new people just talk about lgbt stuff the old people didn’t also the old people drew a lot the new people dont

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StarDust chapter 7

I looked over at the princess rolling my eyes but then by mistake we locked eyes. "What are looking at?!" She said as she walked over to me. She grabbed the bucket of hot water and splashed it all over me. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I'D REATHER DIE THEN TO BE HER SERVANT! "Oops! Oh well I'm sure you have plenty more dresses!" She said as she giggled. " You know vary well that this is my only dress!" I yelled with my voice cracking. "Aww are you gonna cry?" She said with no concern at all. "Now go to the village and get me a new dress!" She demanded. "But I'm all we-" "I don't care!" She yelled. "Fine!" I yelled back as I walked out the door. All the servants were starring at me laughing. As I was on my to the big gold door to the outside Katrina came over and gave me a towel. " Are you ok?" Katrina asked so quietly it was almost a whisper. " Not really. Thanks for the towel" I said. "Your welcome" Katrina said as she walked away. That was really kind of her to do that, if only there were more servants like Katrina. I went to the only bouquet in town and thankfully not a lot of people noticed me but the people that did notice me were always laughing and whispering. I went inside bouquet and it was really small. I as I walked inside everybody was starring at me but they weren't laughing although they looked disgusted at me exsept for the girl behind the counter. "Can I help you?" The girl behind the counter asked. She had short brown hair and brown eyes with lots of freckles. " Oh hi I'm StarDust I'm a servant for the princess, she asked me to get her a new dress" I said. "Fallow me" she said as her face lightened. " Here is our royal collection" she said as she opened the door to a big wardrobe of a bunch formal gowns. "Let me take a look and see what the princess would like" the girl said as she was looking through all of them. "Here we go!" The girl said as she picked out a gold and pink gown. "Thanks!" I said. "Sure thing" she said cheerfully. We walked over to the counter so I could pay for it. " Here you go" i said as I handed all my money to her. "Keep your money" she said as she gave it back. " Thank you so much!" I said. She just made my day!! "No problem" she said as she smiled. "What's your name?" I asked before I walked away. "Emily!" She said. "It was nice meeting you Emily!" I said. "Nice meeting you too" she said as I walked out the door. It's so rare these days to meet such sweet people! I walked back to the castle feeling really good until I saw the princess. "Here's your dress" I said. The princess snatched out of my hands and went to go try it on. "Your welcome" I mumbled angrily. "It's so me!" She said as she walked around showing it off. "Time for you to finish the rest of your chores!" She said as she handed me a featherduster. At around 11:00pm I was finely done with all my chores and went to my room. When I opened the door to my bedroom I saw that Sunny was there. "What are you doing here?" I asked feeling super sluggish. "I came here to talk to you" she said. "Bout what?" I said with a careless aditude. " My father died..." She said. The room got so unbelievably quit you could here the crickets. " I'm so sorry..." I said feeling kinda bad I was being so rude to her lately. She ran over to me and hugged me like there was no tomorrow. "It's gonna be okay..." I said. We stopped hugging after what felt ten minutes and we sat on my bed and talked for a while. After about thirty minutes she asked how my day was going. "Umm.. my day was.. awful" I said. "What happened?" She asked. " Well the princess wanted me to be seventeenth servant so I had no choice but to listen to her which was a pain!" I said. "I can only imagine!" She said. " Oh I forgot to tell you that I found a wired note" I said as i grabbed my note from my pocket and gave it to her so she could read it. "Dear, StarDust meet me at the garden at midnight" she said. "Ooo! I wonder who it's from!" She said. "Me to-" "Wait! What time is it?!" She asked. I looked at my clock hanging on my wall and it said 11:40pm. "11:40" I said hoping she wouldn't force me to go. " Oh my God! You got twenty minutes to meet whoever at the garden!" She yelled all excited for me. "Umm...I don't know if I want to go" I said. "Why not!! What if it's a cute guy!" She said. "That's silly" I said almost laughing. " You got to learn to take chances every once in a while!" She said. "Ok! fine!" I said annoyed.

Hay guys hope you enjoy this chapter! In my 8th chapter you guys can request a character that resembles you! Message me on how you want them to look and their personalities and I'll put them in my next chapters as her friends, fellow servants, knights,(only male knights because there were only male knights back then) a princess/prince of another planet, etc. Thanks!

Christeena This chapter is wonderful 😃

GemHeart I really like your story and that's saying something becuz usually I HATE fairytales. Really gonna miss you and I'm sad that this story wont be completed. I would've requested a character too becuz I do like this story.

FunHeart1010 NIce!

This the outfit I wanted Cortana to be wearing for the drawing I requested Gemmy!


LouTheLuver Nice!!

GemHeart Okay, got it. Will start on soon.

FunHeart1010 I looovvvveeee iiitttt!

TwilightStarDust Thanks guys but it was just a simple drawing of Cortana. Thanks anyways guys your the best!

Hola(hello) guys! You probably have noticed that i haven't drawn any male characters only because ever since I was five I've only drawn female characters and it kinda became a habbit so maybe about a month ago i started practicing anime male eyes and i think I almost got it down. Whatcha guys think?

InkBoyJay Great!

LouTheLuver omgaa. This is amazing wth. Honestly, I cannot really find the difference between girl and boy manga eyes. Mostly I see the girl's with extra eyelashes. But this totally looks like a guy. AND THE GALAXY

GemHeart Good job Twi! The "secret" for male eyes is making them thinner and less "glam" than a girl's. And less darkness (aka eyelashes). But I think this is good!

lunamoonlight I really love Twi's art

Let me know if you guys would like me to draw anything for u even if it's somthing I'm not fimiller with because I love taking a challenge here and there. The drawings I've posted are really just my best but if you want to see more then simply drop by my group every now and then. Thanks guys!

GemHeart OK!!! I think it would be great if you attempted drawing a still life.

TwilightStarDust What's a still life?

GemHeart A still life is when you draw an object, like an orange. But you draw it realistically!

TwilightStarDust Oh cool maybe I'll try it