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Here is a animation I know it's not good but don't spread hate

Twentyonepilotsan Oops l ok

Twentyonepilotsan Lol*

Scruffypenny its a pic

Scruffypenny rn and I use flipaclip too?

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Idk why I love this music so much... It reminds me of how disconnected we are from nature, even the sight of a wolf makes would make us feel more connected... Strange feeling...

Neomarshmellow I also believe that we need to be more connected with nature especially since we have been harming it for so long. Also the song is so enchanting and soothing. :)

ArtistGirl oh wow, see what you mean

JD2005 Wow!

KnightStar It makes me wonder, of what are ancestors knew that we didn't. Makes me puzzle on how they saw these things, holy things, a bow, and how connected they were to nature as a relegion. So very strange.

KnightStar Maybe we should get closer to nature, like they were. Nature after all is a big peice of ourselves then we know. not sure, strange, strange feelings.

JD2005 XD

Twentyonepilotsan Lol

Junior Lol that's funny

Junior The sad thing is, they sound better than undo when I'm actually singing normally.

JD2005 😁

Tintin1956 cute

Kinso Omg so funny.

Junior Omg!!!! sooo cute!