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There once was a small family with twins; they were girls. They had a mother and a father with a cat and a dog. Their names were Audrey and Asriel Rhyder. Audrey was sitting on her bed thinking about how happy she was that she was finally fifteen-able to stay home alone even though the law of where she lived was that you can stay home alone if you are 10 and older-She got up out of her bed and recited a song from beginning to end “There's a wolf that preys on a world that strays so far from the garden” She began as she turned on the stove “ and just like your own every heart you’ve known seems cold and hardened you may not have the stage but you still have a voice.” as she repeated the song over and over again she turned the stove off and grabbed her book and threw it off of the roof and into a nearby lake. She went back into her room and suddenly got happy looking at a picture of her whole family including Asriel. She threw a pencil at it and sat on her bed. “I can’t wait to see Asriel again and I will see her today,” Audrey said in her head. She threw another book out the window. Next she threw a vase onto the floor. It broke and scratched her leg, it was stuck in her leg and it cracked her bone, she was home alone unable to walk, run, or stand. Audrey knew that if her parents saw her they would never let her stay home alone ever again so she sat up and removed it herself wrapped a bandage around the cut and limped to the stairs and slid down the rail. She heard the front door open yet with no sound of the car door opening or closing a man walked in; she realized he was not her father or grandfather. She did not know that her dad texted her that her uncle would bring her out to Maybelle Street where they were. She had never seen her uncle and thought he would be a lazy, junk food eating, hobo, but she saw a stern, tuxedo wearing man. She climbed up the stair rail and checked her phone and saw the message she felt very relieved “Audrey!” her uncle called out “Coming,” she replied she put on a black hoodie and ripped jeans with tennis shoes and came down the stairs limping every once in a while. When she got down her uncle gave her a look and said “Alexie what the heck are you wearing put on some real clothes not this teenage garbage ah nevermind I will go pick out what you will wear!?” “NO” Audrey shot back “ THIS IS WHAT I AM WEARING NOW LETS GO!” her uncle rushed back down the stairs and told her “I will teach you to watch that tongue the next time we meet” “Yeah right” she said. They walked and walked all the way to Maybelle Street. When they got there Asriel jumped up and down and hugged Audrey “I missed you so much Alexie I can't wait to get home is it far?” “No,” Audrey replied “WAIT YOU DYED YOUR HAIR I DYED MY HAIR TO!” Audrey looked at her sister's light purple hair and looked at her light purple hair. The whole family walked back to their house Audrey tried her best not to limp until she tripped and her cut hit sharp rock “OW!” Audrey howled. Everyone asked if she was okay Audrey just said yes. The rock had cut the bandage off of her leg but nobody noticed it fall off of her leg. A few minutes later blood started to drip onto her jeans. It was like someone splashed a splotch of red paint onto her jeans she had to be carried by her uncle the rest of the way home.

Part 2
Audrey was getting used to living with her sister, her uncle, and her grandparents. She was in her room breaking every pencil she could find “Are you okay?” Asriel asked “Yeah, i’m fine” Audrey answered as she broke another pencil in half. Asriel walked over and sat next to her sister “Why do you break pencils?” Asriel asked “Because I have nothing else to do,” Audrey answered “Okay,” Asriel said she reached for a pencil and broke it “This is kind of fun,” Asriel said she broke another. Audrey got up and threw her sister's diary into the lake “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU Audrey THAT WAS MY DIARY!” Asriel yelled angry “opps,” Audrey said with a sarcastic voice Asriel stomped out of their room to retrieve her diary “Finally I thought she would never leave,” Audrey pulled out a very big cake from a compartment in her bed she ate almost all of it she smiled while she ate she put the other half of the cake back and washed her hands “That was tasty” Audrey said “but I do feel bad that I threw my sister’s diary in a lake but whatever she is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious she will get over it,” Audrey giggled and broke more pencils. Asriel came back soaked in river water “I hate you,” Asriel said Audrey burst out laughing “I hate you too” she laughed. Asriel grabbed Audrey and slammed her on her bed “STOP LAUGHING!” she yelled and Alex stopped laughing and got up. She grabbed her sister and said ‘Don’t touch me,” she pushed her sister through the window and into the lake “HEY RIVER ROSE” her sister climbed out. Asriel played and swam in the lake Audrey came out from the house with her dog and walked to the lake the dog played in the water Audrey grabbed her sister and pulled off a leech that was on her leg. She picked up the dog and grabbed more leeches. Audrey was confused “There are not supposed to be leeches here?” . A very big leech about ten feet long crawled out of the lake Asriel jumped and screamed “WHAT IS THAT THING?!” Asriel dreaded Audrey picked up the leech and put it back in the lake she found a way to drain the lake with buckets. She looked at the bottom of the lake and saw about fifty leeches and a trapdoor. That was not covered in leeches Audrey opened it and dragged Asriel inside. They saw a science lab Audrey was curious and excited she looked around grabbing everything that she could fit in her backpack. She got to a computer and grabbed it. A man in a lab coat came and swatted her hand away “How dare you I am Princess Audrey heir to the throne of Splendorous!” Audrey lied “Oh we all know that's not true Splendorous exploded in 1991 its 3056 but you live old fashioned like me so why are you down here?” He asked “I am Asriel Rhyder sister of Audrey Rhyder and known for my-” Asriel started “Yeah yeah whatever shut up already why are you down here”, He said “I’m getting mad at Lubert here” Asriel whispered to Audrey “ He is not as bad as Lubert so i’ll tell him” She whispered back. “Hello I am Audrey and we actually found a trapdoor at the bottom of a drained lake and climbed down,” Audrey told him “Oh hello I am Forsay here is my are my sons and my wife,” The man said. Two boys came up just about the same age of Audrey and Asriel and a woman “Hello,” she reached for Audrey’s hand and grabbed it and shook it “I am Lily and they are my sons Oliver and Noah Have fun” She continued and left Oliver came up to Audrey “I’m a hugger” Oliver said and hugged her tight “And I’m not” she wheezed and pushed him off of her “I’m not hugger” Noah just leaned against the wall and acted all cool arms folded, one foot on the wall, and looking the complete opposite way of the conversation. Audrey did the same on the opposite side of the room. Later, Forsay and Lily kicked them all out and they were above ground again. Noah looked at Audrey and walked toward her. She turned around and folded her arms and asked “What?” “Well um Hey,” “Hey,” Audrey turned around and said “do your parents even take care of you?” ‘No,'' Oliver interrupted Asriel, got excited and jumped up and down “You can live with and go to school with us and be like our brothers!” Asriel excitedly suggested “And Noah and Audrey can do a duet. It's perfect for them. The talent show that is next week at school on Friday oh and you could live with us and have your own room. What do you think?! What do you think?!” “They haven’t even-” Audrey started “WE ARE DOWN FOR THAT DEAL!” Oliver interrupted again “YAY!” Asriel exclaimed “Does your sister talk this much?” Noah asked “Yeah,” Audrey answered “Let’s-” Audrey realized Asriel and Oliver had already left ‘Nevermind”. They walked to the house.

Part 3
In the house Oliver was worried about going to school. Noah was reading down the duet song. Asriel was combing her hair. Audrey was dreading going to school. “Done!” Asriel said she grabbed her backpack and headed downstairs for breakfast. Audrey put her backpack on and told the boys to hurry up. Seconds later Oliver bolted down the stairs. “GET UP NOAH!” Audrey yelled “I’m coming I'm coming geez!” He yelled back. He later walked out and went downstairs Audrey followed. When they got to school Audrey walked to her locker and thought there would be nobody there but there was Oliver, Asriel, and Noah right next to her in their lockers talking. Audrey walked up to Noah and told him “Rehearsal after school today in the auditorium at five ten,” “okay” Noah replied. A girl walked up to Audrey “Hey what are you doing here you're a misfit you don’t belong here-OW” She said Audrey punched her “Shut up you don't know anything” Audrey had said “GET OUT OF HERE!” the girl ran off. Noah just stood there in shock and nodded his head “Well um got to get to class bye” Noah said “Okay bye” Audrey replied and walked to her first class.


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I know I know I *beeped* up so im leaving KN and KT May 19 probably. I mean whats the point in staying. I got no respect. Terribal Reputation. so yeah. see ya (not that most people care good riddance to me)

lunamoonlight @Queeny same. TBFG, I think you'll find that the KS community is very forgiving to mistakes. We won't hold it against you as long as you learn from your mistakes.

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