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Do you know me well?

xxpainitewolf I think.. pink, chocolate, girly, fruit, music, water, dress, flats, nails, and funny

FunHeart1010 You got A 3/10 but that's actually really good! Blue, chocolate, fruit, music, water, jeans, flats, nails, and funny!

JD2005 Let me guess... Um..

JD2005 Blue, Vanilla, Sport, McDonald's, Books, Water, Jeans, Flats and Funny!

it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KnightStar yay!

JD2005 Yep!

JD2005 It happens with me sometimes 2.

Tintin1956 thx!

im trying again!

Queeny LOL

GemHeart LOL!

KnightStar LOL

JD2005 It worked!

JD2005 LOL

KnightStar That's so funny Tintin!

Tintin1956 now im think"lol, what did I do to tintin???????????"

KnightStar LOL

ok try again!!!!!!!!!!!

my second try!!!!!!!!

KnightStar Hmm, Queeny had the same problem with hers once too!

GemHeart Still cannot see!

Tintin1956 ok

lol, I told y'all I would;d make hat picture of tintin look like a banana
what'd do y'all think???????

GemHeart Can’t see it!

Tintin1956 sorry

Tintin1956 ill try agian

JD2005 Restrart your device and retry.

Tintin1956 ok

so............................ being a figure skater and a tintin fan I decided to look up tintin skating and the very first picture was. (the one below). After seeing this I just randomly started laughing, when you see this pic what do u do?????

GemHeart LOL!!! He's gonna fall forward if he leans anymore XD '

Tintin1956 he looks like a banana

KnightStar LOL Tintin! He does!!!

JD2005 LOL!

Tintin1956 im gonna edit that and make tintin a banana

GUYS, MAY YOU PLEASE PRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tomorrow I have a skating competition, and I have a fever/cold, and I cannot jump off my rolled ankle yet😭
and I have to go completion against my sister and 4 of my skating friends.
im not scared that im not gonna win. its just my foot REALLY hurts... if you have an advise PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!!!!

GemHeart KK! And winning isn't everything, you'll do fine. Just jump off your other foot? And another thing, if you're hurt DONT DO IT! It'll only worsen it. Your coach and everyone will understand.

JD2005 Praying 4 u. Best of luck!

KnightStar YOU'LL DO GREAT!!

Tintin1956 thanks!!!!!!!!!!! it is very encourgeging


Tintin1956 I got a bronze, two silvers, and a gold in my quartet

what do u guys think of my drawing?

KnightStar Awesome!

KnightStar Awesome once again!

Tintin1956 thanks Queeny, Gemheart,Knightstar, and Catgirltiti.

Tintin1956 BTW I LOVE the movie, and the tyshows are REALY GOOD too!

Tintin1956 TV shows, sdry

Tintin1956 sry

KnightStar I love the movie too!

Tintin1956 yah!!!!!!!!!!!!

lunamoonlight GOOD!

Tintin1956 thx