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just posted a story contest
hope y'all enter

Pumpkin Hey! my logo is up there! I have to get used to it:)

PrincessKittens Lol

JD2005 @Kitten XD

Jabber lol @Kitten!

Tintin1956 thats great @Kitten

hey, does anyone know how to make cartoon characters online?
I can't find anything.

Queeny Like, an avatar? Or an actually drawing program?

JD2005 Same question Queeny.

Tintin1956 avatar

KnightStar Search up avatar maker on Google and you'll find lots

Queeny I heard PicCrew is good for finding avatars

Queen157 avatarmaker.com

Tintin1956 cool

Tintin1956 thanks

JD2005 NP!

hey, I finally figured out how to update my bio!!!!

PrincessKittens Cool!

lunamoonlight Nice! Lol

forgxtten noice! I'll check it out!

lunalovegoodmolly Cool

JD2005 Cool!

lunamoonlight "thirteen ears old" lol

Tintin1956 lol didn't see that, I might keep it for a joke now

Im making a story call Aladdia, a twist on Disney's Aladdin.
may someone or multiple people please make me a picture of a girl
if you want detail please ask

KnightStar Awesome!!!

lunamoonlight PM me, I might be able to.

GemHeart Just message me! ;)

JD2005 Cool!