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Ks is there any updates on kn i do not know of?

GemHeart Nope.

Ks can you download the kid search app on. A iPad?

GemHeart You can!

Minnion I am using on i pad still

I love the frenzy photo

GemHeart Frenzy? (Do you mean Freddy?)

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Here’s a good FNAF wallpaper for your lock screen. Looks like he’s breaking your glass!

TwilightStarDust Not creepy at all...

FunHeart1010 Cool!

GemHeart LOL, Twi

Thob12105 Cool

GemHeart Speaking of that, Twi, he’ll probably climb out of your phone any second now XD


hey look at this

Crystal Cool

hi how are you

hi, how are you I am good how about you?

hi how are you

Crystal Good

100musicmaniac I'm ehh.