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Oops my brain went

My brain during school be like:

Kitten lol

How do you share a video from your computer instead of YouTube. I'd prefer not to have to upload these just to share them.

lunamoonlight I don't think you can do that on KN. If you figure it out I'd love to post a couple of videos.

#share this post if you should be doing school right now.

(This isn't my meme guys but it was so funny lol)

Person1: I cried when my dad chopped onions.

Person1: Onions was a good dog.


KittyKat O.I wait,wth????

Queeny hol' up-

darksun wait hol' up

So I've gone to posting memes. Quarantine does weird things to a person.

Kitten lol

Kitten I do it even when life is normal...

My school assignment: Report on the African economy

Me: Totally unprepared on the day I'm supposed to give it

Teacher: Please step up and present your assignment


lunamoonlight Lol

KittyKat OMG lol

supercoolpenguin lol

KnightStar Haha, I be like showing Uganda memes left and right.

TheUltimateRealDude1 Welp

Sophiacodingirl OMG

Ada4 lol


Emelyisaway papa franku!!!

JD2005 XD

KnightStar PAPA FRANKU!!!!!

TheUltimateRealDude1 :D

TheUltimateRealDude1 @legolasxx

Hey guys! Have I ever told y'all I'm a video editor? Well I am ;-; . If you want me to do something to your video (make it into a meme, just make it funny, made it weird, etc.) then just send it to me. I can do videos from anywhere.

TheUltimateRealDude1 I can share a funny video I made (the first part isn't so funny but you'll never guess what happens next lol

lunamoonlight Cool, if I ever need a video editor I will let you know

JD2005 Cool!

Kitten I edit my own videos. My newest video got over 700 views.

Ada4 Cool, I’m a video editor too!

Queeny All of you are video editors yet I can't even do simple things like speed up my videos :( my editing skills are just sad

JD2005 Same Queeny :(

KnightStar Queeny, let me try

Um guys is it just me or all the posts disappearing!?

TheUltimateRealDude1 By that I mean they aren't showing up in my feed...

TheUltimateRealDude1 Oh the site fixed itself. Hmm

JD2005 IDK, maybe it's a glitch?