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Hey all! I'm back!! I found my drawing book, so expect my groups to actually be updated this time! Cya!

FunHeart1010 WB!

Hey guys! I'm back! Dunno if you missed me 😆. All of my groups will receive an update tomorrow. (I'm setting a reminder LOL)

FunHeart1010 Welcome back dude!

KnightStar Great!


KnightStar I saw some of your posts from long time ago.

CatGirlTiti Welcome back!

This is a paper game I created a few months ago. Just make your own rules, or ask me for the rules I made for the game. Feel free to add to it and post it as long as you give credit to me. #hatecopyrighters

GemHeart Real cool!


Octolongboi12 lollll

JD2005 Lol XD

Hey guys! If you see Giggly (how could you miss him?) he is my neighbor friend. He might seem weird, but he is nice. His roblox username is blueboy_hi if you want to friend him.

giggly shhhhh

giggly be quiet baby boy

giggly LOL

giggly XD

TheUltimateRealDude1 Oi


TheUltimateRealDude1 😁

Octolongboi12 Lol

FunHeart1010 ....thats weird...and funny!

GemHeart That's so odd.... XD

giggly LOL

giggly 😂

Here is the pic, Octo. #RANDOMLYNATED!

Octolongboi12 Lol

Octolongboi12 Heheheheeheheheh

GemHeart Haha XD Thx for not including me XD