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Unfortunately, I have some sad news. My hedgehog passed away a few days ago. I will send some pictures soon of when he was alive and happy.

ArtistGirl Awww...

JD2005 :(

Kitten awww

lunalovegoodmolly Sooooooo sad

LesbianWolfFurry Oof

Yo guys!
I'm back!
It seems that every time I'm here I'm saying that I'm back...

JD2005 Welcome back dude!

Kitten welcome back!

LesbianWolfFurry WELCOME DUDE (this is lunamoonlight's alternate account)

Queeny WB!

BANG! (hes back)

lunalovegoodmolly WB

TheUltimateRealDude1 thx

lunamoonlight WB dude!

zanystar67 much doge

zanystar67 epic ddoge

zanystar67 plz call 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999 doge

Maybe just maybe I will remember to stay on... Hi guys! Cyberlink comics will come back... as soon as my parents remember to take the iPad down from the closet... LOL

lunamoonlight Hi Dude!

TheUltimateRealDude1 Hoi

Funny thing... There are thousands of people on here, but they are literally NEVER ON!!!

cookie122105 ikr

FunHeart1010 Exactly!!

Queeny Ikr?

KnightStar IKR!! haha

JD2005 True!

lunamoonlight Ha. so true

GemHeart IK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kitten Yep

Do any of y'all play an instrument? I play electric guitar!

GemHeart I want to learn to play electric.

cookie122105 violin

lunamoonlight I like playing music a lot, hehe

Queeny I tried learning guitar, but I didn't have enough time to learn.

TheUltimateRealDude1 Wow! An eclectic cast! I'm sitting here like: drums, piano, more piano, electric guitar, VIOLIN!? That's cool! XD

TylerTheDrummer Yeah!

lunamoonlight I also write songs sometimes if that counts sorta

GemHeart That'd be awesome if we could all start a band XD Those who can play instruments play those, people who can sing, sing, and I can create cover art for the band albums XD (LOLZ, we'd be the KidzNet Krusaders or something XD)

TheUltimateRealDude1 That would be hilariously awesome!

Kitten Piano and cello and choir

Hey! I updated my group yesterday (sheesh ikr! I always forget!) if anyone wants to join it, it's called "Cyberlink Comics" prob only group that says anything like that XD

TheUltimateRealDude1 I will post every other day (tomorrow and Friday and so forth and so on)

TheUltimateRealDude1 I better anyway XD

KnightStar Okay, will join!

zanystar67 dude i love yur comics i used to read them on my old acc pugkid