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Kinso Add me @Kinso

ThatBluePikmin Chihiro Fujisaki from Danganronpa. (he nicest boy, yes he is a boy)

ThatBluePikmin Also, should I draw Chiaki or Junko next?

lunamoonlight Chiaki? And cool.

JD2005 Good job!

lunalovegoodmolly I like it

Queeny iT's a TrAP

ThatBluePikmin He was made fun of because he was weak for a male. So if he dressed as a female he wouldn't be made fun off.

She is from Danganronpa and one of my better drawings.

JD2005 Nice.

GemHeart That game is dark tho... I watched a walkthrough and now I'm scarred

ThatBluePikmin Yup! It's dark.

I drew Kaede from Danganronpa, and it looks like she is playing limbo.

KnightStar so cute!

JD2005 Good job!

Jabber lol, it looks great!

ThatBluePikmin (I'm yellow.)

Kitten lol

JD2005 XD

I was texting my brother and this happened.

Kitten lol

KnightStar hahahahhah i dont

JD2005 XD

FunHeart1010 haha can't relate