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lunamoonlight Don' question the random white dot on the r

lunamoonlight I just want to see this though.

lunamoonlight When I get older and am allowed to have Facebook, I'm posting this.

EloquentRacer92 18 min

ammyk ♥️


lunamoonlight 💕

Monnnotfound ❤️:)

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been on KidzNet for a while. I’ve kinda just been focused on other things. I’m going to take a break. Don’t worry, only for a month or a little longer. But I’ll come back soon! Ok?
Goodbye xoxo

EloquentRacer92 ok

youngshezzy15 ok !

JD2005 Okay, see ya!

What’s on your mind like right now. LIKE LITERALLY. RIGHT.NOW
Obviously, you don’t have to answer if it’s serious just 4 fun I wanted to see
Anyhoo, have a lovely day y’all

Queeny Why my quotev password is so weak, wondering if I should change it, and ultimately deciding that's too much effort

Ash KN.


lunamoonlight How the hearts there are not in color order

Sugarrushfa Thanks! @lunamoonlight lol I’m not great at knowing colour order 😆😅

JD2005 I'm humming "Paula" by KSHMR RN, so I have the lyrics on my mind. Other than that, I was thinking that I'm gonna get low marks in the Geography class test this week. That won't be good; not at all.

Yusss When my hamster going to sleep rn

TyousT killing and stress i need help

KnightStar How many babies my guinea pigs will have (cuz i just posted "how many pets yall have?", the thought came to mind.)

EloquentRacer92 Also thinking fast food recipes but I am stumped

Share your favourite emoji/s right here:
Mine are ♥️🦋🌺🤪

Ash Why is the doctor there, no idea.

lunamoonlight I can't share my favorite emoji here. KS would not like it lol

NinjaTal1 🐶🐶🐶🐶

NinjaTal1 I like a bunch of different kinds (sarcastic)

EloquentRacer92 😵‍💫😮‍💨🤥😜😍

Ash @Luna oOOoOh I’m guessing you get into a lot of arguments?

JD2005 @lunamoonlight LOLLL...

JD2005 IDK, maybe these: 😂, ❤

lunamoonlight Off of here, not really, but it's still the one I like the most lol. A clear and specific hand gesture.

Sugarrushfa @Ash lollllll maybe?

Happy Saturday everyone!

JHAMMER2 Shabbat Shalom

JD2005 Happy Sunday!

JHAMMER2 Happy scrap day

Ash Yo

Hey! Any Irish users on KN?

Sugarrushfa @JD2005 yep, I’m Irish

JD2005 Cool!

GuitaristKid I from Murica

JHAMMER2 I thought you from Uk

Sugarrushfa Nah

Ash 1 out of 5 people are somewhat Irish... why do I know that!

JHAMMER2 @Ash Your Irish!

lunamoonlight I descend from the Irish-Scottish area. Far up in my family tree is a mix of Quakers and Scottish/Irish drunks. How two people from each of those groups got along beats me.

Sugarrushfa @Ash oooh that’s cool, I didn’t know that! Are u Irish?

EloquentRacer92 No I’m from America but Ireland seems very cool!

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Sugarrushfa Omg that’s literakly the most relatable thing.......EVER!!!!

lunamoonlight I just look at my dog and start talking to her lol.

JD2005 @Sugarrushfa Thanks for sharing, lol. @lunamoonlight XD

Sugarrushfa @JD2005 no bother, @lunamoonlight good idea 💡

Sugarrushfa XDD

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KnightStar @ammyk that's not even Scarlet, IT JUST LOOKS LIKE HER LOLLL

KnightStar So yes, I do not know either

ammyk @Lunamoonlight same. I think that’s Tom Holland because my friend is mildly obsessed with him. (I guess out of all the people you could be obsessed with, Tom Holland isn’t too bad.)

Sugarrushfa Well, there’s Tom Holland as Zendaya. And then in the other pic it’s the man that plays Captain America 🇺🇸 and Scarlett Johannson

AstrialFlames There is Tom Holland and Chris Evans.

ammyk Who even knows. The 1800s were so much more insteresting. *Insert haughty sniff*

ammyk I just realized I spelled that very wrong.

KnightStar I lowkey thought this Captain America dude was Daniel Radcliffe, aka the guy that played Harry Potter. @ammyk I mainly know old film stars. Not because I'm "quirky", but because my dad forces me to watch films from the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. No films from above that lol. It's alright, they're good.

Sugarrushfa @Knightstar haha 😆 yeah, I love old fashioned movies they’re really heart-warming and I just REALLY ENJOY watching them ❤️

KnightStar @Sugarrushfa Ikr

Hey y’all pls join a group I made called: The Bakers👩‍🍳 if u like to bake, draw, paint and more like that

EloquentRacer92 i joined!

Ada4 Joined!

Ada4 *I joined!

Ada4 Actually I can’t find it, can u share the link?

Sugarrushfa Yay!

Hey guys! I made a group and it’s public.
It’s called The Bakers 🧑‍🍳👨‍🍳👩‍🍳and u can share recipes, drawings (basically anything arty) and more if u want.
Pls join if u like those activities

EloquentRacer92 i will join

Sugarrushfa Thanks so much @EloquentRacer92

Sonic750 Joined

Sugarrushfa Yay!