Alright i'm leaving kidznet because these posts I've seen so far are cringey

Pumpkin Fine, leave

Anonymous Lol, believe what you want, we can't stop you

GemHeart Oki :)

bubblegum Goodbye then : )

Ash Bye!

EloquentRacer92 😭

JD2005 Goodbye! :(

Ash Noice

EloquentRacer92 Congrats on 25 subs!

Why is my ip address on kidztalk being said as spam?

KidzSearch Can you access and just not KidzTalk? Also, is it being blocked by GoGaurdian?

Subway Yes i cant access kidztalk and no it does not be blocked by gogaurdian

JD2005 Oof.

Ash Oof...