FunHeart1010 Cute I saw this app too!!!

Dorothy Awww

Starz Its sooo fun!

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KidzNet, can you make the notifications, a little bit differently? Can you make it where you get a notification only if somebody comments on your post or a group request? Because, I get a lot of notifications! Thanks!

TylerTheDrummer BTW, it's like nobody makes posts this long anymore.

KidzSearch Yes, we can change it so you only get a notice for a question you started. Currently, it notifies you of other posts for a topic you participated in. This would cut down on the notifications.

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Who can read this?

Fae That is very interesting!

LouTheLuver OoO I can read it!!!!!!!!

PrincessLuna Me!

Crafter4017 I could read it!

Crystal Yeah.

TwilightStarDust Yep!

PrincessLuna Me!

Mardi Gras are tonight!!! 😝

Starz Thats my mask!

TwilightStarDust Nice! It's sounds like it will be fun!

Crafter4017 Party!!!

Minnion Best of luck hope u will enjoy 😊 have fun with friends.nice mask

Minnion 😘😍😱

PrincessLuna What's mardi gras

KnightStar Mardi Gras is a New Orleans parade, and it is traditional there. It is really fun!

Been working on this recently
Hope you like it.

FunHeart1010 nice!

Jen I really like it!

Starz Thanks

Crystal Good