lunamoonlight "We dont need the light, we'll live on the darkside" DANG IT JAY

JD2005 "Take me through the night / Fall into the darkside"... 🖤 🎶 YEAH LUNA

CoralSophie08 Yasss get it you two.

EloquentRacer92 Japanese?!

lunamoonlight PicCrew is a Japanese website full of avatar creators. They range from anime, chibi cartoon, semi-realistic, someone drawing a circle and dots, and the subject is just as versatile.

Queeny looks like Ray from TPN!

I beat the first five nights at freddys

Spoppy And when I beat it I had 2 nightmares and one Freddy jump scared me and I was the nightguard so it was terrifying

GemHeart LOL I’ve beat it too :D

lunamoonlight Oof. I don't dream, so no nightmares. And jumpscares are predictable to me.

Twentyonepilotsan Good job!!

Spoppy I had lots of problems so I could predict Bonnies jump scares

JD2005 Yay!

I think I did awesome on this in pieces and I love it 😊

JD2005 👍🏻

lunamoonlight I've seen that generator! It's uncanny how much it reminds me of TBHK, Hanako and Yashiro.

lunamoonlight Reminds me of a random cheesy anime. He- "So.. my girlfriend... here she is" *pulls random girl out of hallway* She- "Uh- wut 0.0"