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JD2005 Sorry, friend.

hghux555 ???????

hghux555 Oh now I see the post under

Can anyone draw a anime pic for my pfp? My fav anime character is Asuna from SAO (Sword Art Online) when Asuna was little if anyone knows what anime show and Character that I'm talking about. If not, can any of you just draw any girly anime character for me?

KnightStar Sure! I will try!

lunamoonlight I can look her up and get a general view of how she looks (clothes, hair style and color) and draw her, if you would like.

lunamoonlight Alright, i got a picture on my tablet to look at while I draw, i should be able to draw her soon!

Hi. How are you all doing?

hghux555 Good! How about you?

KnightStar Good!

lunalovegoodmolly Good.

Bewitched67 Amazing

cakelover Good

lunamoonlight Average.

JD2005 @lunamoonlight Same.

Pumpkin great!

vanillacake Amazing

2nd question, most everyone that I know in real life either struggles in Math or doesn't like math. Try this Algebra problem, what is the square root of 164? No cheating guys!

lunamoonlight I have barely gotten to the subject of square roots in math yet, so idk. But am good at math so for though, i actually got into an extended learning program at school for kids who excel at English, Math, and Science, but I still hate math.

Holahi I love math and I am exceeding the subject for my level I just got out of fifth grade so I don’t know anything about square roots

TylerTheDrummer I'm 12 and doing the Pythagorean Theorem.

lunamoonlight Just got out of 6th

Does anyone know how can I get an avatar for my pfp? I know that we cant upload pictures of ourselves although I'm 13.

FunHeart1010 I'm not sure, if you'd like I could draw you for you pfp! Of course don't put too much detail in to it.

lunalovegoodmolly avatormaker.com

lunamoonlight I am getting better at drawing and need a challenge, if you could give me details such as eye color, hair color, normal hairstyle (and length), as well as glasses or no, that would be about all I need to draw and draw you.

lunamoonlight Try and draw you * WHST YOU BE DOING AUTOCORRECT?!

lunamoonlight Whats*

Hi! My name is Sabrina and I'm 13 years old. I am new to kidznet.i hope to meet and make alot of friends here. Please add me on as a friend and help me learn how kidznet works. Thank you! I hope everyone had a good 4th of July!

JD2005 Hi Sabrina, welcome to KidzNet! You can ask me anytime, if you need any help. And I'll be your friend anytime.

Queen157 Welcome!!!

Bewitched67 welcome

hghux555 Welcmoen

hghux555 WELCOME


FortnitePlayer You can be my friend!

Queen157 Welcome Sabrina!

bella07 Welcome

bella07 Welcome