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Hey guys! I am going to be less active here and more active on hptts:// ! My account is linked below!

JD2005 Kk! Will miss ya.

Anyone read Percy Jackson?

JD2005 Not me, but LLM did I think.

lunamoonlight Every book including Percy Jackson's Gods and Goddesses.

Scruffypenny yes but i forgot everything because I didnt like it and it was for school work like four years ago

Queeny I have!

KnightStar yes

Sophiacodingirl I read the books and the Hero’s Of Olympus

Anyone play Animal Jam? If u do, I am @Magical Clevergirl to outsiders! If u search me up, please search @Futurewizardsophia. Please friend me!


lunamoonlight I do, however i cannot play. Since it is a computer game, i cant play on my tablet, and on my school comouter it is blocked and is super slow anyway.

JD2005 I don't.

Sophiacodingirl @lunamoonlight there is an app

Sophiacodingirl On IPad

lunamoonlight I am not allowed to download anything withut permission, sorry

Sophiacodingirl Oh that’s fine

Sorry for inactivity guys (my dad blocked me)

JD2005 Oof. It's okay.

KnightStar ahhhh thats bad :( glad ur back on