Hi. This is my final entry. I am not going to post anything else. I will still be here but I won’t respond comments. If I do, my mom will take away my tv for a year. Thank you. And I’m not joking

JD2005 :O

lunamoonlight Yikes, Farewell(ish) then.

youngshezzy15 wow that is crazy lol

Ugh. me yesterday night.

lunamoonlight That's a little rude but I like the drawing!

JD2005 I like it!

I made it

JD2005 Good job!

lunamoonlight :O WOW

HarryPotterLover123 Kewl

Sofi1234 Thank you!

Omg! I love hamsters! I wish I could have one

JD2005 They're cute!

lunamoonlight What kind of flowers are those? I've seen similar ones here but they're yellow and pop up along with dandelions and dog violets

Sofi1234 I’m not sure what type of flower they are.

Sofi1234 Hey you guys wanna be friends?

KnightStar I know right! I've had a bunch of hamsters, they're all very nice. When they're young tho they like to bite (never bit me but to the rest of my fam, they have), when they get older they don't bight :3 One of my hamsters looks exactly like the one in that photo! She's very tiny and her fur feels like duckling feathers uwu.

lunamoonlight Sure!

Sofi1234 Aww cute!