Hi all 🤔 🙄 🤐 😇 😎 😎 😉 😊

JD2005 Hey!

CatGirlTiti Hallo!

KnightStar HAY!!

Queeny Wello!

KnightStar *STARES AT QUEENY* sure...

FunHeart1010 HeLlO!

KnightStar HeLp!

GemHeart Hay!!!!!

Hi all I am smriti form India . Everyone please tell me your countries

KnightStar Same as Queeny!

JD2005 I'm from India 2.

KnightStar WHAT?!

Crystal My parents are from Bangladesh,but I was born in da US of A!

KnightStar My dad is from the USA, I wasn't born in the USA. My mum is from where I was born.

KnightStar But, I grew up in America, so I'm American.

TylerTheDrummer I'm from Texas yall...LOL (USA)

GemHeart Hay y'all! Dis redneckz in da house!

Wesley2004 Florida, JD2005.

KnightStar I live in Florida too Wesley2004!

Good morning to all

JD2005 Good morrow!

Queeny Good morning!

KnightStar Good morning!

GemHeart Morning!

Tintin1956 goooooood morning

KnightStar YAY!

Hi all I am new to kids talk my name is smriti 👋

KnightStar Hi!

GemHeart Heyya Smriti! I'm GemHeart! If u have any questions plz ask!

Queeny Hi!!!

100musicmaniac HEYYYYYY, HAI

JD2005 Hiiiii!

JD2005 Can I be your friend?


Tintin1956 HI!!!!!!!!!!!

Smriti Hi all please tell me your countries and l am from India