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Hey guys, Im new!! If anyone could comment and show me around, I would love that! Seems like you guys are pretty cool!

Also, Beezo300, I play roblox as well. I think its awesome that you create games! If you have heard of Meep City, its an awesome game, and I was thinking something like that, with parties and estates, but for neighborhoods, there could be names for them, and you get to pick the neighborhood. Just thinking!

TwilightStarDust KidzNet is awasome! There's so much to do! We have so many groups to choose from! like my group for example is called "Ask Twi Advice" (Twi is my nick name btw) anyways you can also make your own group for ANYTHING! Plz go check out my bio and maybe we can be friends!

TylerTheDrummer Hey! Welcome to KidzNet! Hopefully you'll like it here! You can make groups!

SlothsRule2809 thanks TwilightStarDust, TylerTheDrmmer, and Tasneem11. I will totally friend you guys!!

GemHeart Welcome!! I hope you have a great time here!!!

SlothsRule2809 Thank you once again!