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oh hey

DukeSilver Howdy?

EloquentRacer92 Hii

Pumpkin Hey hey

GuitaristKid Hi

GuitaristKid Wood

Other people: Can I have some? I'm hungry.

Me to my friends: No sorry I'm hungry too.

Me to my enemies: Nope. *Chews with mouth open* MMMH. DIS FOOD GOOD!

JD2005 xD

FunHeart1010 Lol!

Queen157 Haha that’s me!

lunamoonlight My enemies know not to ask me for food.

bella07 Lolz

hghux555 my enemies know not to talk to me.

239 notifications
2 months being away
3 times as many as before
9 times as much ocd flowing through my veins right now

I just had to ride in a small SUV through hail and probably 30 mile per hour winds during a storm.

How was your evening?

lunamoonlight Yikes. I had to do math tests.

JD2005 Good.

GemHeart Mine was fine, I guess.

KnightStar Mmmm it was good

If you feel angry and want to throw somebody off a cliff, slow down, take a deep breath, and think about how that may feel. If you can't imagine it, then throw a teddy bear. (I am not responsible for any injuries that may have occurred while throwing a teddy bear off of a cliff. This is a dumb idea. Do not try this at home or on a cliff.)

KnightStar I take a breath when I'm mad, then I start taking scissors and start attempting to cut my veins and pretending it's the person I'm mad at. It never works....DONT TRY THIS AT HOME....OR ANYWHERE.

lunamoonlight Yeah, when I'm mad I can get... violent. Ask 90% of my bullies. I used to break pencils but then I had at least an entire pack of broken pencils on my desk.... So I stopped with the pencils and now pretty much whenever someone makes me mad, i can hold back a little bit if they are only talking to me and are not within punching distance, otherwise I will probably hurt them because, as previously stated, i have anger issues.

JD2005 Wait... What did you say Star??? CUT YOUR VEINS!?!? Are you CRAZY?? That's really VERY VERY DANGEROUS and IK you know it!! I'm advising you, DON'T TRY TO DO IT AGAIN!!! Please try to control your anger, don't let it cross its limits! TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!!

JD2005 I'm really surprised to know that!

GemHeart Well, I have some stuffies that have gone thru the mill with my anger issues (I have them too, Luna). Mostly I just go to my room and 1) Cry it out, 2) Chew on something, or 3) Hit my head on the wall REAl hard. Or I mangle a poor plushie. My ways of anger controlling are a lot more tame than they used to...

KnightStar Yeah, I've did it with a sharp knife but that didn't work either. It didn't even bleed a lot. It was like, three drops of blood lol. ANYWAYS, I of course won't attempt doing it again. Haha, I will try to cut up the veins of teddy bears instead....but they don't gave veins...moving on.

lunamoonlight I have never hurt my stuff animals (though i have over a hundred no exaggeraion) I care about them too much... I just have a pillow i use sometimes and beat up.

lunamoonlight I have never hurt my stuff animals (though i have over a hundred no exaggeraion) I care about them too much... I just have a pillow i use sometimes and beat up.

Queeny Ur gross Knight, u know that freaks me out.


When someone says that they're good at rapping and then they rap like Jake Paul, you know something's wrong with them.

Queeny I used to be that person LOL keyword- USED, I've realized that rapping just ain't for me.

KnightStar Lol...

lunamoonlight I can rap fairly well.

FunHeart1010 xd

JD2005 LOL!

GemHeart Oh gosh, I AM THE RAP QUEEN in my house XD I rap like Eminem XD

KnightStar Haha Gem! I'd like to see that!

lunamoonlight Nice Gem

GemHeart Lolz, you wouldn't expect that from meh XD

Listen to Oofer Gang if you play Roblox. It's better than "Best Song Ever" by One Direction. (At least in my opinion)

JD2005 I don't have ROBLOX, but IK it's very popular! Almost everyone plays it!

KnightStar Same JD!!

GemHeart People call Roblox "The most popular game you've never heard of" XD I don't play it and haven't gotten around to trying it, I'm sure my mum would let me but I'm way busy.

Queeny Same Knight!

lunamoonlight Roblox is blocked for me.

Wow. Being gone for a long time can get you twice as many notifications as you had before.

JD2005 Noice and I know that.

KnightStar Yep

GemHeart Yep

Queeny Yep

lunamoonlight Yep