ah- is there a venting group on here?

lunamoonlight Random Rants

lunamoonlight Or make a diary

Queeny Yep, emely made one https://net.kidzsearch.com/group/923424/

Shrek08 okay thanks.

@GemHeart im so proud of you !! you have no idea!! your going to go to great places gemmy. trust me. keep it up (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`)

lunamoonlight You haven't been here for a while

Shrek08 i havent rip.

Autumn i sometimes feel lile

Autumn *feel like shrek08 and Funheart are the same person

Autumn oh wait nvm. she actually is funheart! :0

lunamoonlight @Autumn it's a conspiracy.

KnightStar @FunHeart1010 aka @Shrek08, pls check ur youtube under the request of my gang and gemheart


Autumn ?

newest art btw

lunamoonlight It's so cute!

lunamoonlight It's so cute!

Shrek08 awe thank uu!!

barbiebff wow

GemHeart It’s adorbs :DDD

Queeny Aww, so cute :D

Shrek08 thank yall!!

barbiebff very cute

JD2005 Love it! ❤

updates on me.

im 12 now !!

uh- probably pan i dunno anymore tbh.

lost my only good online friend.

i got a cat !!

hm, my art has improved so much! so if i spam a bit, thats why.

what else--

uhm, i cry a lot, but that hasn't changed lmao.

Queeny Hey!!! FH, you're back!! :D

Shrek08 Heyo!! missed yall :>

lunamoonlight "lost my only good online friend" I take a bit of offense to that lol. Glad you are back.

Queeny who is the online friend, I thought we were ur online friends- (JK JK-)

Shrek08 ah, someone from roblox who screwed me over 😀✌️

oo- i have some poetry, im new, so any poets here, please critique me.

the weather in my head isnt great right now.

according to others the forecast tomorrow will be better.

but how do i know?

i dont trust them.

i can only see dark gloomy clouds here, the lightning is getting worst, in fact.

i wish it would stop.

i wanna go outside but the thunderstorm is holding me back.

lunamoonlight I like the poem. I do advise trying to keep it relatively the same length lines though. Usually, I work in couplets, and I'll write one line, then have a rhyming line about the same length. Not all poems rhyme, but it's good to keep it similar lengths to make it look better. This doesn't apply for things like onamonapias (bang, boom, ding, bam), or just short lines for a purpose. Also, try to keep a rythem as you write, kinda like how in music you are told to count 1, 2, 3, 4 in your head, do something similar to help the poem flow.

hey, uh- just checking in. i havent been feeling my best lately, and i thought "hey go visit your old friend's" so hey.

lunamoonlight Hey

Shrek08 heyo!

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quick question- how do you attach your kneecaps back on? A friend of mine suggested eating them- I tried but that didn't work unfortunately.

InkBoyJay Oh

KnightStar don't they just automatically attach? like a magnet? sorry but you need to go to a doctor if it doesnt because mine does.

KnightStar if you're still dealing with the problem after three months, then maybe you should just get out of bed.

lunamoonlight Idk...

KnightStar @inkboyjay were u the friend that gave her the advice that didnt work. im the medical professional here.

Shrek08 i ate them, but i just throwing them up rip.

KnightStar dont eat ur knee caps thats for the person that detached ur knee caps

lunamoonlight I- this post and these comments are cursed.

GemHeart Ikr