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I only slept one hour 😐

My best art yet

JD2005 Almost invisible.

Comment your house!!! #Ravenclawpride

Shamrocks10 #HousePride

lunamoonlight Slytherdor.

Scruffypenny #Griffyndor and like 0.5 Ravenclaw

Sewinghedgies101 Ravenpuff!!!!!

Queen157 Hufflepuff

Queen157 Hufflepuff

GemHeart Raven y’all

Happy Memorial Day everyone

JD2005 Same to you!

Ada4 Happy Memorial Day!

Day ??? of quarrintine
And I feel like psyduck

KittyKat I don't even know the date lol

Does this say something about me love of those books?
Person: says something about Percy Jackson
Me: starts screaming

Shamrocks10 Lol

lunamoonlight Lol

Sewinghedgies101 lol

Sophiacodingirl Why is everyone commenting “lol”

KnightStar Lol

JD2005 @Sophiacodingirl BeCaUsE wE cAn! Lol.

Queeny Darn, the chain got broken :(

Sophiacodingirl @JD2005 lol 😂


Shamrocks10 Only me?? 😶

lunamoonlight OMG YES. She is my favorite violinist. My favorite cover she has ever done would be Phantom of the Opera, and the video of that was awesome.

Sewinghedgies101 MEEE!!!!!

KnightStar I used to listen to her a lot

lunamoonlight @sugernuggets77 Lindsey Stirling is a violinist, songwriter, and dancer. She is incredibly talented and has done some work with artists like Amy Lee from Evanescence, Pentatonix, and quite a few more.


GemHeart The misspellings.

ArtistGirl the spelling-

Queeny This sentence, but spelled correctly- "Notice: This town is now under quarantine. Please wear masks for your safety." I'm sorry i had too lol

lunamoonlight Oh good cheez-its. THE SPELLING.

Autumn What game is it?

JD2005 Needs a spellcheck...

Kitten lol

Shamrocks10 Is animal crossing welcome amibo

Shamrocks10 Sorry I’m a horrible speller

ThatBluePikmin I thought it was animal crossing new leaf

I just realized my life ish a meme 😂

lunamoonlight Lol, same

JD2005 XD Same.